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VI Form "100 Days Dinner" Honors Class of 2019
VI Form "100 Days Dinner" Honors Class of 2019

On Tuesday evening, February 26, the St. Mark's Advancement Office and the Young Alumni Leadership Council (YALC) sponsored a reception and dinner for the VI Form, recognizing that just 100 days remain in their time as students at St. Mark's.

At a reception in the Putnam Family Arts Center's Class of 1951 Lobby, everyone enjoyed sodas, punch, and appetizers, while many photos were taken. A dinner in Taft Hall followed. Each VI Former took time to fill out a questionnaire about their experiences at St. Mark's and their expectations for the future. At their 5th Reunion in 2023, the sealed questionnaires will be opened and shared.

There were several alumni in attendance, and they talked with smaller groups of students at the tables. Matthew Golding '13, a Class Agent and member of the YALC, gave the keynote address. "Everyone has different experiences here at St. Mark's," he told the VI Formers. "Some are amazing and unforgettable and some are not as enjoyable or as memorable. And I'm here to tell you that that is okay. I'm also here to tell you that regardless of your time here at St. Mark's, you will always have a family to come home to in Southborough. What's even better is that you'll find a home wherever you cross paths with a fellow Lion."

Other alumni participating included Trustee and Alumni Executive Committee (AEC) member Tarah Breed '00; Class Agent, AEC and YALC member Elaine Harvey '06; YALC member Lisa Krauss '06, Josiah Hatch '06, Class Agent Ceilidh MacNeil '09; Will Mahoney '09; and Class Agent, YALC member, and SM faculty Emily Michelson '13.

The Class of 2019 was welcomed enthusiastically into the ranks of the St. Mark's Alumni Association.