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Boys' Hockey, Squash Programs, Wrestling Excel This Winter
Boys' Hockey, Squash Programs, Wrestling Excel This Winter

It was an outstanding winter for St. Mark's athletics, with eleven of sixteen teams posting winning records.

Boys' varsity hockey went 19-9-2 overall, making it to the semi-final round of the New England Preparatory School Athletic Conference (NEPSAC) championship tournament. Early in the season, the Lions also won the Barber Tournament; their fifth Barber tourney title in eight years.

Girls' varsity squash set a new record for wins in a season with 12, and finished tied for first in New England and came in second in the high school squash Nationals. Overall, St. Mark's girls' squash program fielded three winning teams, going 24-18 (.571).

Led by coach Dan Shartin (in his 31st year at the helm of the program), boys' varsity squash went 12-7 in the regular season and also came in second at the Nationals. The Independent School League (ISL) recognized St. Mark's boys' varsity squash with its Sportsmanship Award, and St. Mark's squash player Edwardo Perez '19 was named recipient of the ISL Individual Sportsmanship Award. Overall, the St. Mark's boys' squash program fielded three winning teams, posting an overall mark of 25-13-1 (.654).

St. Mark's wrestling had another strong season, with a record of 12-6 overall. The Lions finished sixth at the 2019 Graves-Kelsey tournament, while VI Former Micah Dwirintri took home the championship title in his weight class.

Girls' varsity basketball won the annual Pingree Holiday Tournament; the Lions' second Pingree tourney title in four years.

This winter, St. Mark's went 10-8 against arch-rival Groton, thus moving ahead of the Zebras in the quest for the annual Burnett-Peabody Bowl. St. Mark's has 16 victories to Groton's 15 at all levels of interscholastic competition with just the spring season remaining.


18-8-2 regular season (.679) * 19-9-2 overall (.667)

Barber tournament champs * reached semi-finals of NEPSAC championship tourney

MVP – Ian Moore '21

MIP – Alex Cardonick '19

Maker Prize -- To the male and female hockey players scoring the most points over the course of the season – Danny Ciccarello '20

Tudor Prize -- To that hockey player in the Sixth Form who shall have shown not only excellence in the game, but also those qualities of fine sportsmanship which St. Mark's has so successfully installed into many of her athletes – Nolan Moore '19

ETA Award (Enthusiasm, Teamwork, and Attitude) – Matt Hart '19

All-ISL –Danny Ciccarello '20, Ian Moore '21, Nolan Moore '19, Tucker Hartmann '20

All-ISL HM – Matt Toporowski '19, Brendan Gibbons '21, Jackson Coutu '21

All-New England – Dan Ciccarello '20, Ian Moore '21

JV 2-10-1 (.192)


12-9-0 (.571)

2nd at the Nationals * tied for 1st at New Englands (officially 2nd place due to criteria)

MVP – Paula Hornbostel '20

Most Improved – Cathy Zhou '21

ETA JV – Eve Elkins '21

ETA 3rds – Katie Mao '22

All-ISL HM –Caroline Dawson '19, Sam Leslie '20

JV 7-5-0 (.583 ) * 3rds 5-4-0 (.556)


12-7 (.632)

2nd at Nationals * 4th in New Englands

MVP – Ryder Henry '20

MIP – Connor Flaherty '20

ETA JV – Chris Yang '21

ETA 3rds – Graham Butterfield '21

All-ISL HM – Edwardo Perez '19, Leo Xie '19

JV 6-4-1 (.591) * 3rds 7-2-0 (.778)


12-6 (.667)

Most Valuable Wrestler – Micah Dwirantwi '19

Most Improved—Will Appel '20

Coe Prize – To that member of the varsity wrestling team who best demonstrates skill in wrestling because of his cooperation, diligence, and courage— Kareem Chambers '19

All-ISL – Micah Dwirantwi '19

All-ISL HM –Kareem Chambers '19, Luis Perez '20, Christian Dwirantwi '21, Thomas Banse '20, Louis Lyons '20

ETA – Henry Sansone '21


10-14-3 (.426)

MVP – Julianna Gong '19

MIP – Delany Grace '21

Maker Prize -- To the male and female hockey players scoring the most points over the course of the season – Julianna Gong '19

Frey Prize – Given in memory of Laura Frey, Class of 2003, by her family and friends, The Laura Frey Ice Hockey Prize will be awarded to that member of the girls' varsity hockey team whose contribution to the team can be best characterized by sportsmanship and teamwork – Faith Jennings '19

ETA Award – JoJo Mongillo '20

All-ISL – Julianna Gong '19, Bailey Horne '19

JV 7-3-3 (.654)


6-13-0 (.316)

Pngree tournament champions

MVP – Ava Limonciello '20

MIP – Edna Kilusu '19

Robb Award – to that player who best combine athletic ability with leadership, commitment, and team spirit – Ainsley DuBose '19

ETA Award – Riley Schumacher '22

All-ISL – Ava Limonciello '20

All-ISL HM – Mary Callahan '21

JV 11-4-0 (.733)


2-17-0 (.105)

MVP – Alex Batista '19

MIP – Robert Taylor '21

Robb Award – to that player who best combine athletic ability with leadership, commitment, and team spirit – Bobby Sommers '20

ETA JV – Joe Felix '20

ETA 3rds – Tommy Flathers '21

All-ISL HM –Robert Taylor '21, Bobby Sommers '20, Alex Batista '19

JV 4-13-0 (.223) * 3rds 7-5-0 (.583)

THE WIEDERGOTT AWARD for best winning percentage by any team at any level (minimum 7 games played) — .778 Boys' 3rds Squash

.733 Girls' JV Basketball

.679 Boys' Varsity Hockey

.667 Varsity Wrestling

.654 Girls' JV Hockey

.632 Boys' Varsity Squash

.591 Boys' JV Squash

.583 Boys' 3rds Basketball, Girls' JV Squash

.571 Girls' Varsity Squash

.556 Girls' 3rds Squash