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St. Mark's Lion Term 2019 a Roaring Success
St. Mark's Lion Term 2019 a Roaring Success

In its third year, Lion Term continued to provide St. Markers with positive, enriching opportunities, outside of the traditional classroom and schedule. The two-week Form-based experience included team-building, community service, and experiential learning. Approaching a single topic through the lens of interdisciplinary and experiential education, students were able to take appropriate intellectual and academic risks, pursue and cultivate new interests, tap into resources within the local and global communities, and prepare to be active and engaged participants at the university level and beyond.

  • III Form—"My Footprint"—continued a successful program examining how both individually and collectively students can affect the community around them, through the lenses of environmental, economic, and social sustainability. This included five days at Brantwood Camp, where this year St. Markers built an outdoor chapel and meriting space.
  • IV Form—"Community Engagement"—provided students with the opportunity to work in small groups to explore ideas of community leadership and social responsibility while serving and partnering with local organizations such as animal shelters, food pantries, community farms, veterans groups, family support programs, and more.
  • V Form—"Critical Curiosity"—engaged smaller "cohorts" of students discovering how their own interests drive the learning process, with opportunities for purposeful immersion in an area of genuine interest. This program takes advantage of the abundant intellectual resources and opportunities presented by living in New England.
  • VI Form—"Intellectual Independence—saw seniors working independently in internships, individual independent projects, off-campus jobs, and even international connections, representing a final opportunity to polish the skills that will help St. Mark's graduates live lives of leadership and service.
  • Lions Roam—After a spring term course on Spanish culture, a group of students traveled to Spain for two weeks. The students explored the evolution of Spanish identity and nationality while investigating a variety of cultural modes.

On Thursday, June 6, the entire school community gathered in the Putnam Family Arts Center's Class of 1945 Hall to share presentations about various Lion Term experiences and to celebrate the successful completion of another Lion Term.

For photos from this year's Lion Term activities, click here.