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Athletic Awards: Spring Season, Year's Achievements
Athletic Awards: Spring Season, Year's Achievements

On the Friday of Prize Day weekend, athletic honors were announced for the spring season and for the 2017-18 school year overall.


FEARING ATHLETIC PRIZES – The School's highest athletic honor, awarded to the VI Form boy and girl who best combine athletic ability with good spirit, good team play, and good sportsmanshipCaroline Dawson '19, Boyd Hall '19 (pictured above)

PETER M. COY PRIZES – To that VI Form male and female athlete who has shown, in more than one varsity sport, surpassing intensity and determination, whose exceptional conditioning and physical courage, whose desire to excel regardless of injury or adversity and whose tenacious devotion to the success of his or her teams exemplify the spirit and joy of competitionCJ Schumaker '19, Bailey Horne '19

WILLIAM T. WHITE PRIZES – To that young man and woman in the VI Form, excluding the captain, who is judged by the coaches and captains of all varsity sports, to have made a particular contribution to the success of the season because of their enthusiasm, determination and unselfishness in any varsity sportShelby Howard '19, Matt Walsh '19

PARKER PRIZES for athletic equipmentTucker Hartmann '20, Sophie Student '20

DALE FABYAN MEMORIAL FUND PRIZES—For athletic equipment, to one or more deserving III and IV Formers, who in the opinion of the coaches has demonstrated , through hard play, co-operation and good sportsmanship, those qualities of a happy student life as exemplified by Dale Fabyan '61Lauren Tolve '21, Brendan Gibbons '21

HENRY NICHOLS ERVIN PRIZES – given to a member of the lower teams whose play has been characterized by both cooperation and consideration for othersJack Griffin '20, Laryssa Barbosa '22

MANAGERS OF THE YEAR—Jake Lengel '19, Thomas Scaringella '19

SCHOLAR-ATHLETE AWARDS— Faith Jennings '19, Grant Gattuso '19

ISL AWARD— The Independent School League award is presented by each of the 16 schools to a deserving VI Form female and male who embraced the league's ideals of unquestionable integrity, sportsmanship and fair play while having participated as a multi-sport athlete throughout their career at St. Mark'sGrant Gattuso '19, Kate Normandin '19 & Teresa Meyer '19


For the fourth time in five years, coach Channing Warner's girls' varsity lacrosse team won the Independent School League championship, going undefeated (12-0) in ISL competition, and 17-1 overall. St. Mark's own Sophie Student '20 was named the Most Valuable Player in the ISL, scoring 61 goals and setting an SM record with 102 draws. Seven members of this year's team earned ISL all-star recognition.

Other SM varsity teams also had strong seasons this spring, particularly girls' varsity tennis (2nd place ISL, 3rd in N.E.), girls' varsity crew (another gold medal at the NEIRAs), varsity softball (its best season in a decade or more), and varsity baseball (its second consecutive winning campaign). A number of JV teams—baseball (12-1), girls' tennis (8-0-1), softball (9-1), and girls' crew (4-1) also excelled.

This spring was the culmination of a year when 31 St. Mark's teams—in every season at every level—had records of .500 or better (66%).



17-1 (.944) overall; 16-0 in regular season; 12-0 (1.000) in ISL – ISL CHAMPIONS

MVPBailey Horne '19

MIPHannah MacLeod '22

Girls' Lacrosse Prize("to that player whose efforts, contributions and leadership both on and off the field are deemed most valuable to the girls' lacrosse team")—Shelby Howard '19

ISL All-League—Bailey Horne '19, Sophie Student '20, Alicia Souliotis '21, Lauren Tolve '21

ISL HM—Caroline Dawson '19, Phoebe MacLeod '20, Lila Trussell '21

ISL MVP—Sophie Student '20

Girls' JV 6-3-0 (.667)

ETA Award –


13-3 (.813)

MVP— Lowell Fenstermacher '22

MIP—Anni Zhang '21

All-ISL—Lowell Fenstermacher '22

ISL HM— Reevie Fenstermacher '19

Girls' JV 8-0-1 (.944)

ETA Award – Grace Li '21


11-4-3 (.740)

MIPMegan Miantsoko '21

Stockton Oar Prize ("to that member of the boys' or girls' crew who, as judged by the rowing coaches, most embodies the enthusiasm and spirit with Kevin Stockton rowed while at St. Mark's")—Haley Dion '19

Andy Harris Rowing Prize ("awarded in recognition of the outstanding contributions of Andy Harris as the founder of the first spring-season girls' varsity sport at St. Mark's and Head Coach of the girls' rowing program from 1978 to 2012. The prize is given to a rising Fourth, Fifth or Sixth Form girl who best demonstrates promise, intensity and commitment to rowing, and is intended as a contribution toward expenses incurred in the pursuit of summer rowing.")— Jackie Zatsiorsky '22

Girls' JV 4-1 (.800)

ETA Award – Laryssa Barbosa '22


10-3 (.769)

MVPRiley Jahnle '22

MIPNaila Strong '20

Team of 2004 Prize ("This award, which honors the St. Mark's ISL Champion Team of 2004, is presented to that member of the varsity softball team who, in the opinion of the coaches, embodies the spirit of the 2004 team through her commitment to the team, enthusiasm for competition and joyful play")—Mei Mei Arms '19

ISL All-League—Julliana Gong '19, Mei Mei Arms '19, Eiley Jahnle '22

ISL HM—Grace Zawadzki '20

JV 9-1-0 (.900)

ETA Award – Catherine Pellini '20


9-7 (.563)

Palmer Baseball Prize (MVP)—Wyatt Scotti '20

Most ImprovedGavin Gattuso '20

Henry Large Prize ("honoring Mr. Large's four decades of service to the St. Mark's baseball program and is awarded to the varsity baseball player who best embodies Mr. Large's selfless dedication to the team, superb sportsmanship, and unrelenting willingness to work hard and enthusiastically every day in order to improve both himself and his teammates")—Gunnar Vachris '19

ISL All-League—Wyatt Scotti '20, Ethan Student '19

ISL HM—Brett Federico '20, Levi McAllister '22

JV 12-1 (.923)

Kinnicut Baseball Prize (JV, for "leadership, cheerfulness, playing ability and sportsmanship")—Kareem Chambers '19

3rds 2-2 (.500)

ETA Award – Will Appel '20


8-8 (.500)

MVPBoyd Hall '19

MIPReese Hornstein '20

Stohn Lacrosse Prize ("to a member of the boys' varsity lacrosse team, excluding the captain, who exemplifies virtues of extraordinary effort and self-discipline and who has made an outstanding contribution to the team")—Tucker Hartmann '20

ISL HM— Boyd Hall '19, Noah Robb '20, Tucker Hartmann '20, Von Mabbs '20, Reese Hornstein '20, Jackson Coutu '21, Henry Peters '21

Boys' JV 3-10-0 (.231)

ETA Award – Filip Kierzenka '19


4-8-2 (.357)

MIP—Julian Yang '2o

Pollack Prize ("given to that Sixth Former who best demonstrates the leadership, intensity, and commitment to the sport of rowing that was shown by the Pollack brothers")— Ben Teixeira '19

Boys' JV 0-3 (.000)

ETA Award – Caleb Bloch '22


5-10 (.333)

MVP Jason Zhang '19

MIPNate King '20

ISL HM—Jason Zhang '19

Boys' JV 8-4 (.667)

ETA Award – Will Osborne '20


4-9-2 (.300)

MVPRyder Henry '20

MIPLukas Hanenberger '19


For best regular season winning percentage, any team—

Girls' Varsity Lacrosse 1.000


Girls' JV Tennis .944, JV Baseball .923, .900 JV Softball

.813 Girls' Varsity Tennis, .800 Girls' JV Crew

.769 Varsity Softball, .740 Girls' Varsity Crew

.667 Girls' JV Lacrosse, .667 Boys' JV Tennis

.563 Varsity Baseball, .500 Boys' Varsity Lacrosse