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X- Country, Field Hockey Highlight Fall Sports Season
X- Country, Field Hockey Highlight Fall Sports Season

Ten of the 14 St. Mark's teams this autumn posted records of .500 or better. The Lions went 94-42-9 at all levels of competition, for an overall winning percentage of .679.

The cross country program made the strongest showing. Boys' varsity was an impressive 13-3 while the girls' varsity achieved its first winning season in almost a decade, going 7-6 in the regular season. Boys' JV extended its amazing St. Mark's winning streak to 69 consecutive victories by going unbeaten at 16-0. The girls' JV runners were also strong, winning 70 percent of their races, Overall, the St. Mark's cross country program posted an impressive 43-12 mark (.782).

Field hockey did very well also. Behind a strong defense, the varsity went 12-5 over their regular season campaign before falling in the first round of the New England playoffs. The JV was also very good, with a 6-3-4 mark achieved by their own tough defensive play. At 18-8-4 overall, the field hockey program was indeed successful.

Girls' varsity soccer also had a winning season and went to the N.E. playoffs. Girls' JV and 3rds soccer and boys' 3rds soccer also had winning campaigns.

Finally, St. Mark's managed to win back the traditional Raccoon Coat by emerging victorious in its overall record with longtime rival Groton this fall. The Lions once again have overcome the Zebras.

Go St. Mark's!


BOYS' VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY 13-3 (.813) 3rd in ISL, 7th in N.E., ISL Team Sportsmanship Award

MVR—Josh Bergers '22; MIP—Aditya Mynampaty '20; Coaches Award—Jack Griffin '20

All ISL—Josh Bergers '22, Aditya Mynampaty '20; ISL HM—Blake Gattuso '20, Nick Haugen '21; N.E. All-Stars— Josh Bergers '22, Aditya Mynampaty '20

JV 16-0-0 (1.000) has won a St. Mark's record 69 in a row; ETA Award —Bennett Jones '22

VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY 12-5 in regular season (.706) * 12-6 overall (.667) 3rd in ISL

MVP— Lydia Rascher '20; MIP— Molly Lefebvre '23; Hall Field Hockey Prize—awarded in memory of Brinley M. Hall, SM Class of 1930, to that member of the girls' varsity field hockey team whose contribution is characterized as strong of will, positive by nature, a reasoner and cooperative— Phoebe MacLeod '20

All ISL—Lauren Tolve '21, Madison Michals '21, Catie Summers '21; ISL HM—Phoebe MacLeod '20, Lydia Rascher '20, Avery McInerny '22; ALL-NEPSAC – Lauren Tolve '21, Madison Michals '21; NEPSAC HM – Charlotte Galusza '20, Avery McInerny '22

JV 6-3-4 (.615) ETA Award—Louise He '23

GIRLS' VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY 7-6 (.538) ISL Team Sportsmanship Award

MVR—Nashua Poreda '22; MIR—Daniela Ortiz '21; Coaches Award—Naila Strong '20

All ISL—Nashua Poreda '22; All ISL HM—Natalie Zaterka '22, Judy Xie '23

JV 7-3 (.700) ETA Award—Fiona Tran '23

GIRLS' VARSITY SOCCER 8-7-4 in regular season (.526) * 8-8-4 overall (.500)

MVP— Grace Gibbons '20; Most Improved—Tess Barrett '22; Coaches Award—Isabelle O'Toole '20

All ISL—Grace Gibbons '20; ISL HM—Isabelle O'Toole '20, Erin O'Keefe '22

N.E. Junior All-Star—Brooke Farrell '21

JV 9-4-1 (.670); ETA Award—Ally Bauer '20

3rds 3-3-1 (.500; ETA Aard—Kelly Yang '23

BOYS' VARSITY SOCCER 5-10-3 (.361) ISL Team Sportsmanship Award

MVP—Brendan Gibbons '21; MIP—Connor Flaherty '20; Coaches Award—Tom Haugen '21

All ISL—Charlie Savage '20; HM—Brendan Gibbons '21, Connor Flaherty '20; N.E. Senior All-Star—Charlie Savage '20

JV 5-10-1 (.344) ETA Award—Norbie Vazquez '21

3rds 3-1-3 (.643) ETA Award—Sahil Gupta '22


MVP— Jake LaMalva '21; MIP—Brendan Peters '22; Smith Football Prize—to the player (excluding the captain) who best exemplifies the spirit and sportsmanship of Archie Smith and the 1934 team —Jeremiah Ojeah '21

All ISL—Jake LaMalva '21; ISL HM—Jordan Uzochukwo '20, Joe Felix '20, Jacob Silvester '21

JV 0-2 (.000) ETA Award—Darius Wagner '23

WIEDERGOTT AWARD —for highest regular season winning percentage at any level

1.000 Boys' JV Cross-Country (16-0-0).917 JV Field Hockey

.813 Boys' Varsity Cross Country

.706 Varsity Field Hockey

.700 Girls' JV Cross Country

.670 Girls' JV Soccer

.643 Boys' 3rds Soccer

.615 JV Field Hockey

.538 Girls' Varsity Cross Country

.526 Girls' Varsity Soccer

.500 Girls' 3rds Soccer