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VI Formers Give "Lives of Consequence" Presentations
VI Formers Give "Lives of Consequence" Presentations

On Saturday morning, February 29, 60 VI Formers gave presentations on their research arising from their winter term St. Mark's Saturday class: Lives of Consequence.

In Lives of Consequence, each student reflected on a specific area of interest, then developed a driving question focusing their topic, and followed up with significant research. Their ultimate purpose was to outline what they hope to do around their chosen subject during Lion Term (May 20-June 3).

Topics studied by this year's seniors cover a wide range of topics, including technology, film editing, neurological disease, photography as an art form, psychology, the food industry, nonprofit organizations, sketch comedy, sustainable energy, indigenous peoples, theater arts, Pacific cultures, artificial intelligence, engineering, small business, sports analytics, climate change, hydroponics, racism, criminal justice, immigration, the fishing industry, healthcare, endangered species, brand marketing strategies, history, politics, mental health, urban art, energy, finance, water conservation, the legal system, children with special needs, oil refineries, automobiles, the interdisciplinary nature of art, spirituality, communication, diversity, music, biomimicry, leadership, and more.

The presentations were given at several locations across campus, including the Faculty Room, the Hinkle Room, the Center Presentation Room, and Taft Hall. At the conclusion of each presentation, VI Formers took questions from the audience. The entire experience was both positive and stimulating, replete with creative energy and demonstrating intellectual spark.

The Lives of Consequence Saturday course was sponsored by the School's Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning and organized by John Camp, associate director of the Center and St. Mark's director of Experiential Learning. It is intended as preparation for the annual Lion Term. The only VI Formers who did not participate in the Lives of Consequence SM Saturday course were those participating in he Lion's Roam experience and those involved with St. Mark's robotics.

Lion Term is a two-week Form-based experience intended to provide St. Markers with positive, enriching opportunities, outside of the traditional classroom and schedule. Approaching a single topic through the lens of interdisciplinary and experiential education, students are able to take appropriate intellectual and academic risks, pursue and cultivate new interests, tap into resources within the local and global communities, and prepare to be active and engaged participants at the university level and beyond. During Lion Term, VI Formers demonstrate "Intellectual Independence, working independently in internships, individual independent projects, off-campus jobs, and even international connections, representing a final opportunity to polish the skills that will help St. Mark's graduates live lives of leadership and service."