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38th Alumni Hockey Game a Success
38th Alumni Hockey Game a Success

After a two-year hiatus, St. Mark's hosted the 38th Peabo Gardner Alumni Hockey game on the evening of Saturday, February 29.

Seventeen alumni and a handful of guest players participated in the contest. Once again, the Class of 1985, representing an undefeated team that won both the Barber Tournament and the ISL championship 35 years ago, had the most players in attendance, as alumni Michael Candon, Patrick Martinson, Sean Rogers, and Ian Wood all took to the ice. Other SM graduates playing included Ebby Gerry '76, Greg Cappello '81, Ralph Vogel '86, Angus Means '88, Tad O'Donnell '88, Sean Hayes '01, Mario Jalbert '01, Michael Armstrong '06, Matthew Mason '06, Harrison Biggs '06, Casey Pickett Bates '09, Colleen Finnerty '11, and Lexi Schumaker '17. In addition, faculty member Scott Dolesh, SM parent Paul Drepanos, and faculty spouses Holly Lorms and Mark Bates were guest players.

Split into Blue and White teams, alumni and guests played two 25-minute periods. The Blue team won by a score of 7-5.

A reception followed in the Elkins Field House Trophy Room. Ebby Gerry '76 (right), the oldest player on the ice, who made 27 saves in goal for the winning Blue team on the evening, was asked to present the alumni hockey game's traditional Hard Hat award. Gerry who has played in 31 of the 38 Peabo Gardner alumni hockey games at St. Mark's over the years, was recipient of the Hard Hat award in 2017. The following year, he presented it to 92-year-old Bruce Gardner, coach of St. Mark's hockey from 1976-1986. St. Mark's won the ISL title in 1976 and Gerry was the league's top goaltender that season. Coach Gardner died in 2019, and so Gerry presented the Hard Hat to Tad O'Donnell '88 (left) who began his St. Mark's career playing for coach Gardner on a 17-2 ISL championship team.

The current plan is for the Peabo Gardner Alumni Hockey game to be played every other year, coinciding with St. Mark's hosting Groton in both boys' and girls' varsity hockey.

George Peabody Gardner III was the captain of the 1966 St. Mark's varsity ice hockey team, and was one of the organizers of the inaugural SM Alumni Hockey game in 1980. In 2010, the event was renamed in his honor. The Gardner Rink at St. Mark's is named after his grandfather, George Peabody Gardner, Class of 1906, one of the School's first ice hockey stars.