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Messages of Thanks on SM Tuition Freedom Day
Messages of Thanks on SM Tuition Freedom Day

Wednesday, March 4, was Tuition Freedom Day at St. Mark's, representing the day income from tuition is expended and philanthropic resources from the Annual Fund and the endowment kick-in to cover the School's operating costs for the rest of the year. Again this year, on Tuition Freedom Day students visited tables outside the dining hall to write more than 285 thank-you notes to donors.

The notes included personal stories from students on how supporters' gifts enhanced their St. Mark's experience, and will be mailed to alumni, grandparents, parents, friends, and others who have contributed to the Annual Fund.

This event raises student awareness about the importance of donor support. Without it, tuition would increase by more than $20,000 per student each year. It also underscores the importance of giving back to St. Mark's, and serves as an opportunity for students to show their appreciation for benefiting from the generosity of others.

Once again, the thank-you notes written by students were also part of the annual Quad Games competition!