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Convocation Ceremony Opens New School Year
Convocation Ceremony Opens New School Year

On Friday evening, September 11, St. Mark's officially opened the 2020-2021 academic year with the traditional Convocation ceremony, this year shared virtually via Zoom.

The opening music was Tournier's "Au Matin" played by Amber Lee '24. The Rev. Barbara Talcott, head chaplain at St. Mark's, then delivered the invocation.

New faculty members were then introduced to the community (see below), and veteran math teacher Scott Dolesh was welcomed back from his sabbatical year.

Head of School John C. Warren '74 then delivered the Convocation address, entitled "Becoming Truly an Anti-Racist School." In it, he quoted author Ibram X. Kendi's powerful book How to be an Antiracist (One World Press 2019) which many in the St. Mark's adult community read this summer: "To be antiracist is to view national and transnational ethnic groups as equal in all their differences . . . To be antiracist is to view the inequities between all racialized ethnic groups as a problem of policy . . . Being an antiracist requires persistent self-awareness, constant self-criticism, and regular self-examination." He also quoted from Barbara Brown Taylor's Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others (HarperOne 2019)—"God created the conditions for multiple interpretations of everything that required speech to describe. There was no longer one right way to say a true thing. There were many ways to say it. Torah. Veda. Dharma. Gospel. Qur'an. Even when those words pointed to different things, you could see how much they meant to the people who said them"—and he committed himself and the School to creating an anti-racist community at St. Mark's.

Dean of Academics Nat Waters then announced the returning students who earned honors as Scholars and St. Mark's Scholars (see below). Some 200 students from last year's III, !V, and V Forms were so recognized.

Current VI Formers Libby and Tommy Flathers then led the virtual crowd in the hymn "Promised Land" (their performance pre-recorded in St. Mark's Belmont Chapel). This was followed by Assistant Head of School and Dean of Faculty Samantha Brennan recognizing faculty milestones for years of service to the School (see below).

Mr. Warren honored Barbara Putnam, beginning her 42nd year on the faculty, as the School's new Senior Teacher, recognizing the historic significance of the occasion, as Ms. Putnam is the first woman to hold that position. Ms. Putnam then announced the installation of two faculty members as honorary St. Mark's alumni (see below).

Then Mr. Warren announced the recipients of the six prizes traditionally awarded at Convocation. Rising VI Formers Samantha Wang, Lily Wang Luo, Lina Zhang, Tommy Flathers, Delaney Grace, and Graham Butterfield were so honored (see below).

The Convocation ceremony ended with the School Prayer and Mr. Warren';s customary dismissal: "Faculty and Sixth Form."

New Faculty

Andrew Bergdahl (Math), Franklin Chen (Chinese), John Daves (Director of Community & Equity Affairs), David Friedman (Computer Science), Maggie Kelly (Biology), John Kennealy (Science), Downing Bray Kress (French), Lauren Martin '85 (Community Health & Wellness),Visaury Moreta (Spanish), Maureen Russo Rodriguez (Spanish), Devin Worthington (Admission), Viva Zhao (Biology)

V Form St. Mark's Scholars 2019-2020

Taat Chanshanwut, Kartik Chakrabarti Donepudi, Tate O'Connell Frederick, Frances Isabelle Hornbostel, Yishi Hua, Holden LeBlanc, Grace Young Li, Cara Lin-Tse Mulcahey, James T Oblak, Junho Song, Cadence Arwen Summers, Ao Tian, Jing Wang, Feishi Wu, Lina Zhang, Ning Zhang, Beining Zhou

V Form Scholars 2019-2020

Bethany A Batista, Charlotte Bertsch, Graham Bennett Butterfield, Chenghao Cai, Peiqi Chen, Zhuoer Chen V, Jun Ha Cheon, Christopher Dante Consigli, Julia-Lyles Fairbanks Cotter, Jackson Coutu, Lindsay Elizabeth Davis, Preston Liggins Dotson, Ana G Driscoll, Christian Addo Dwirantwi, Eve Wright Elkins, Brooke Catherine Farrell, Elizabeth Claire Flathers, Thomas Joseph Flathers, Leila Rose Frederick, Brendan Joseph Gibbons, Elise Louise Gobron, Delaney K Grace, Brett Harrison Harmon, Nicholas James Haugen, Thomas J Haugen, Ryley Alexandra Holmes, Kevin Huang, Elizabeth Bannon Jones, Brillon Jevon Shemar Joseph, Felicity E Keyzer-Pollard, Laura Elizabeth Labarre, Jake Anthony LaMalva, James William Lammert, Sarah May Hui Yu Lammert, Kaley Maria LeBlanc, Siena Liberatore, Wenting Ma, Duncan McCarthy, Megan Diane Miantsoko, Trevor Louis Neff, Peter Herold Nelson, Prince Duah Nuamah, Jr., Trevor O'Brien, Daniela Lucia Ortiz, Christos W Papaioannou, Shin Yeong Park, Grant Michael Pellechio, Benjamin Rush Pestana, Peter Davenport Ragone, Hudson William Ramirez, Alexander Requadt, Charles Joseph Rumrill, Lillian Grace Shay-Duran, Waverly J Shi, Alicia Marie Souliotis, Geetika V Surapaneni, Lauren Elizabeth Tolve, Elias Turk, Lily Wang Luo, Junyan Wei, Nolan Everett Willoughby, Lucy Thayer Wilmerding, Christopher Guo Chen Yang, Anni Zhang

IV Form St. Mark's Scholars 2019-2020

Julia Elise Chamberlin, Suha Choi, Adam Nicholas Costley, Michael Joseph Ferlisi, Michael Brian Fisher, Zifan Guo, Charlotte Louise Harwood, Kyumin Kim, Jiamin Li, Marianne Vance Lyons, Hannah Richmond Macleod, Daniella Pozo, Karina Skinner, Kendall Catherine Sommers, Caroline Grace Sullivan, Zimo Tang, Lauren Tran, Laurie H Wang, Peiyun Wang, Xiaoyang Wang, Sydni Leah Williams

IV Form Scholars 2019-2020

Princess D Alexander, Laryssa De Souza Barbosa, Tess Alexandra Barrett, Allison Rose Bechard, Sarah Elizabeth Bechard, Joshua David Bergers, Caleb Aaron Bloch, Hyunjun Bok, Hannah Jocelyn Cote, Galen Ames Deane, John Kolbe Esler III, C. Lowell R Fenstermacher, Samantha Arlette Galanek, Yangyi Gao, Abigail Grace Griffin, Sahil Gupta, Ryan McKeag Harper, Vy Ha Hoang, Andrew M.M. Hung, Amanda Kate Hyland, Riley Kathleen Jahnle, Ethan Joshua Karabanow, Ewan Alexander Leslie, Yuang Li, Olivia Chen An Lin, Cameron James Lynch, David Liwei Ma, Rongrong Mao, Peter Daniel Maro III, Levi Winslow McAllister, Avery Elizabeth McInerny, Alison Skye Miller, Sofia Ann Mongillo, Padma Amrita Mynampaty, Erin Aleigha O'Keefe, Brendan Patrick Peters, Perry Harper Schmitz, Riley Mae Schumacher, Maya Si-Wen Scully, Nicholas Cho Sparrow, Caroline Francesca Stanizzi, Cameron James Sullivan, Carmen McAllister Tosi, Lily Margaret Walsh, Runjia Wei, Arden Taylor Williams, Zaki Armstead Williams, Helena Yang Xie, Natalie Anne Zaterka, Jaclyn Michele Zatsiorsky, Xuhui Zhou

III Form St. Mark's Scholars 2019-2020

Andria Bao, Kaitlyn Ford Breslin, Hedges Brush, Leyi He, Nghi Khanh Hoang, Kwan Yin Hui, Josiah Winslow Jones, Avery Campbell King, Aitong Li, Chengrui Ma, Alden Charles Mehta, Isabella A Murray, Owen Nichols-Worley, Han Sun, Judy Xie, ZiYue Yang, Arjun Sahar Yerabothu, Ingrid Kai Yi Yeung, Jiayi Yu, Xuantong Zhou

III Form Scholars 2019-2020

Adam Morgan Becht, Sophie Chiang, Charles Larpenteur Dawson, Yolanda W Fan, Julie He, Chase Wiley Hornstein, Austin Ward Hunt, Tyler A Kocienda, Ryan Fitzgerald Krantz, Joel Ibukunoluwa Lawore, Sophia Marie A Ledonio, Grace Ying Lee, Inselbag Lee, Molly Rose Lefebvre, John Buckner Lewis, Minggang Li, Sijing Ling, Pearse Walsh MacDonald, Arianne Alexandra Motakef, Aime Kobenai Murillo, Kerry Oblak, Lillian Doreen Pena, Charlie Stanford Poulin, Sebastian Henry Rome, Kanav Sahani, Nathaniel William Sansone, Shreeya Sareddy, Ames Elder Scott, Claire Peyton Sudduth, Riya Sulur, Ryan Christopher Taylor, Phuong Ha Bao Tran, Jr., Olivia Joan Velloso, Darius Kai Wagner, Ryan Joseph Winters, Tongjun Wu, Steven Yue Yang, Madeleine Burnett Yearout, Elgin Zou

Faculty Service Milestones

5 Years – Ms. Barila, Ms. Brennan, Ms. Cao, Mr. Corazzini, Ms. Maddock, Ms. Roussinos

10 Years – Ms. Ames, Mr. Kent, Mr. Loomer

15 Years – Dr. Appell-Warren, Mr. Geraghty, Mr. Sellers, Mr. Warren

20 Years – Mr. Dolesh, Ms. McBride

30 Years – Ms. Belt

42 Years – Ms. Putnam (Senior Teacher)

Honorary Alumni - Ms. Caron, Mr. Jewell


The Walter Clair '73 Prize

Selected by a vote of the faculty to a rising VI Former who embodies the intellectual and community service priorities characterized by Dr. Clair's life and career. A celebrated medical researcher, practitioner, and innovator, Dr. Clair has worked tirelessly to enhance the educational and economic opportunities for underserved members of his community.

Samantha Wang '21

The Alice Hung '86 Prize

Selected by a vote of the faculty to the rising VI Former who best embodies the global citizenship priorities that distinguish Ms. Hung's life and career. The founder and director of a highly successful international business operating on multiple continents, Ms. Hung has been instrumental in the establishment of a St. Mark's partner school relationship in China.

Lily Wang Luo '21

The Peter Saccio '58 Prize

Selected by a vote of the faculty to the rising VI Former who best embodies both the academic and the community and equity priorities that characterize Dr. Saccio's life and career. A leading Shakespearian scholar, who has participated in and steadfastly supported the arts, Dr. Saccio has been a strong voice for diversity, and a thoughtful source of support for students, particularly those in the LGBTQ community, throughout his career at Dartmouth College.

Lina Zhang '21

The Dorothy Anderson Prize

Selected by a vote of the faculty to the rising VI Former who best embodies the character qualities inside and outside the classroom that Ms. Anderson emphasized during her tenure on the St. Mark's faculty. The first woman to teach advanced math courses at St. Mark's and the coach of numerous ISL and New England championship teams, Ms. Anderson steadfastly inspired collaboration, resilience, and rising above one's own expectations.

Tommy Flathers '21

The Peter M. Schuh '92 Scholarship Award

Given in memory of Peter M. Schuh '92, awarded each year to a rising VI Former based on the following criteria:

• Maintenance of at least a B average in the V Form year

•Participation in more than one varsity sport

•Exhibition of leadership as a Monitor, Editor, Prefect, Peer Discussion Leader or other similar position and

• If each of the first three qualities are met, the recipient shall exhibit exceptional loyalty to, and enthusiasm for, St. Mark's School The recipient of the Schuh Award is selected by vote of the Dean of Academics, the Dean of Students, and the Director of Athletics.

Delaney Grace '21

The Andrew Michael Sheridan '05 Prize

Given in memory of Andrew Michael Sheridan '05 and each year is awarded to the rising VI Former who best exemplifies the character of Andrew, as remembered with these words:

"Through acts of kindness, optimism, faith in God and humanity, hard work, and gentle humor, Andrew strived to do what is right and shared his joy of life with others...every day. In so doing, he encouraged us to believe in ourselves and inspired us to be our best." The recipient of Sheridan Prize is selected by a committee that includes the Dean of Students, Dean of Academics, Director of Athletics, and Chaplain.

Graham Butterfield '21