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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Now at St. Mark's
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Now at St. Mark's

This past weekend, Rob Kuklewicz, chief financial and operations officer at St. Mark's, announced the completed installation of four electric vehicle charging stations on campus.

The stations are located in the parking lot adjacent to Pine Cottage, the Health Services building. This project was begun in 2019, with final electrical connections and set up completed in the fall. St. Mark's worked with ChargePoint, a company with the largest market share of EV charging stations—more than 20,000 across the United States.

The original plan was to be able to charge two vehicles—one for visitors and one for on-campus employee use. It was then decided to add an additional two stations, paid for in part by incentives from the School's utility company. "The costs associated with these were taken from last year's capital expenditures budget prior to March with the offset incentive which helped to cover this," explained Kuklewicz.

For now, the parking spaces will be painted to designate them as spaces for EV charging only, and for the remainder of this school year all four will be available for employee use, given the limited number of visitors to campus due to COVID-19. Eventually, availability will revert back to two for visitors and two for employees, almost certainly by 2022.

When announcing the availability of these new EV stations, Mr. Kuklewicz gave credit and thanks to Director of Facilities Sandra Duran and her team for their hard work on the project.