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Athletic Awards: Spring Season and Year's Achievements
Athletic Awards: Spring Season and Year's Achievements

On the Friday afternoon before Prize Day, the final St. Mark's Athletic Awards ceremony recognized spring season successes and the accomplishments of St., Mark's athletes for the entire year.

After amassing a winning record over the regular season, at the New England Interscholastic Rowing Association (NEIRA) annual championship regatta on Worcester's Lake Quinsigamond, the SM girls' varsity crew 3rd boat won it all, taking home a gold medal in the Grand Finals. The SM girls' 2nd boat also medaled, coming in third overall for the bronze: the first NEIRA medial won by the SM 2nd boat in 21 years!

Girls' varsity lacrosse put together a terrific 11-win season, just missing out on a third consecutive ISL title. Boys' varsity tennis went 9-5, defeating Groton and posting their first winning campaign in more than twenty years. And a thrilling 8-7 victory over Groton was an exciting upbeat ending to a challenging 5-10 boys' varsity lacrosse campaign.

Above all, congratulations to the St. Mark's varsity softball team for receiving the ISL Sportsmanship Award this season!



8-3-4 (.667)

3rd Boat won Grand Finals at NEIRA Regatta; 2nd Boat won Bronze medal

MIPLogan King '18

Stockton Oar Prize ("to that member of the boys' or girls' crew who, as judged by the rowing coaches, most embodies the enthusiasm and spirit with Kevin Stockton rowed while at St. Mark's")—Madeline Appel '17

Andy Harris Rowing Prize ("awarded in recognition of the outstanding contributions of Andy Harris as the founder of the first spring-season girls' varsity sport at St. Mark's and Head Coach of the girls' rowing program from 1978 to 2012. The prize is given to a rising Fourth, Fifth or Sixth Form girl who best demonstrates promise, intensity and commitment to rowing, and is intended as a contribution toward expenses incurred in the pursuit of summer rowing.")— Sophie Haugen '18

Girls' JV 0-3 (.000)

ETA Award – Katherine Gao '19


11-7-0 (.611)

MVPLillian Stout '18

MIPVictoria Putnam '17

Girls' Lacrosse Prize("to that player whose efforts, contributions and leadership both on and off the field are deemed most valuable to the girls' lacrosse team")—Tatum Schultz '17

ISL All-League—Lillian Stout '18, Katie Hartigan '17, Sophie Student '20

ISL HM—Tatum Schultz '17, Phoebe Macleod '20, Bailey Horne '19

Girls' JV 6-6-1 (.500)

ETA Award – Paige LaMalva '20


9-5-0 (.643)

MVPNick Hallal '18

MIPJason Zhang '19

Boys' JV 4-4-2 (.500)

ETA Award – Connor Browder '19


7-9-1 (.441)

Palmer Baseball Prize (MVP)—C.J. McKennett '18

Most ImprovedPeter Nugent '18

Henry Large Prize ("honoring Mr. Large's four decades of service to the St. Mark's baseball program and is awarded to the varsity baseball player who best embodies Mr. Large's selfless dedication to the team, superb sportsmanship, and unrelenting willingness to work hard and enthusiastically every day in order to improve both himself and his teammates")—Brody Fuller '17

Kinnicut Baseball Prize (JV, for "leadership, cheerfulness, playing ability and sportsmanship")—Julian Ortiz '17

ISL All-League—C.j. McKennett '18

ISL HM—Wyatt Scotti '20

JV 6-5 (.545)


5-10 (.333)

MVPCole Schmitz '17

MIPHunter Mulvey '20

Stohn Lacrosse Prize ("to a member of the boys' varsity lacrosse team, excluding the captain, who exemplifies virtues of extraordinary effort and self discipline and who has made an outstanding contribution to the team")—Marcus Permatteo '17

ISL HM—Thatcher Adams '17, Cole Schmitz '17

Boys' JV 4-8-0 (.346)

ETA Award – LaQuan McKever '18


5-11 (.313)

MVP—Amanda Christy '17

MIP—Reevie Fenstermacher '19

ISL All-League—Amanda Christy '17, Kahler Mabbs '17

Girls' JV 4-5-0 (.444)

ETA Award – Helynna Lin '18


4-12-1 (.265)

MIP—Ben Teixeria '19

Pollack Prize ("given to that Sixth Former who best demonstrates the leadership, intensity, and commitment to the sport of rowing that was shown by the Pollack brothers")— Robert Duffy '17

Boys' JV 0-4 (.000)

ETA Award – William Bundy '20


ISL Team Sportsmanship Award

4-8 (.333)

MVPRebecca Lovett '18

MIPJulia Munn '18

Team of 2004 Prize ("This award, which honors the St. Mark's ISL Champion Team of 2004, is presented to that member of the varsity softball team who, in the opinion of the coaches, embodies the spirit of the 2004 team through her commitment to the team, enthusiasm for competition and joyful play")—Teagan Ladner '17

ISL All-League—Lindsey Dumond '18

ISL HM – Julianna Gong '18

JV 3-2 (.600)

ETA Award – Gillian Yue '18


2-13-2 (.147)

MVPRyder Henry '20

MIPRobby Harper '19

JV 1-2 (.333)

ETA Award – Cooper Sarafin '17


For best regular season winning percentage, any team—

Girls' varsity crew .667

Runners-up: Girls' varsity lacrosse .643, Boys' varsity tennis .643

The following major athletic awards for the year were presented the Friday before Prize Day.

Fearing Athletic Prizes"To that young man and young woman who best combine athletic ability with good spirit, good team play, and good sportsmanship."—Tatum Schultz '17, Brody Fuller '17

Peter M. Coy Prizes"To that Sixth Form male and female athlete who has shown, in more than one varsity sport, surpassing intensity and determination, whose exceptional conditioning and physical courage, whose desire to excel regardless of injury or adversity and whose tenacious devotion to the success of his or her teams exemplify the spirit and joy of competition."—Samantha Sarafin '17, Matt Thalmann '17

William T. White Prizes"To that young man and woman in the Sixth Form, excluding the captain, who is judged by the coaches and captains of all varsity sports, to have made a particular contribution to the success of the season because of their enthusiasm, determination and unselfishness in any varsity sport."—Marcus Permatteo '17, Lexi Schumaker '17

Parker Prizes"To a Fifth Form male and female athlete who combine athletic excellence with exemplary effort and sportsmanship."—Caroline Peterson '18, Nick Murray '18

Dale Fabyan Memorial Prizes"To a male and female athlete in the Third or Fourth form, who in the opinion of their peers and teammates, has demonstrated, through hard play, cooperation and good sportsmanship, those qualities of an exemplary student-athlete as exhibited by Dale Fabyan '61."—Henry Thrun '19, Sophie Student '20

Henry Nichols Ervin Prize"Prize given to a member of the lower teams whose play has been characterized by both cooperation and consideration for others."— Katherine Gao '19, Julian Ortiz '17

Manager of the Year Award"Given to the manager(s) of any varsity sport who is judged to be the most capable of all the managers."—Mike Alfieri '17

Scholar-Athlete Award"Must have at least a B average in their Sixth Form year (average calculated at the end of the winter term). Must be a captain of at least one varsity sport, recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to Athletics Award, and a letter winner of at least two varsity sports in their Sixth Form year; awarded whenever possible by the Head of School, Director of Athletics and Cum Laude representative."—Victor Imparato '17, Samantha Sarafin '17

The ISL Award of Excellence The Independent School League has inaugurated a new annual award to be presented by each of the 16 schools to a deserving Sixth Form female and male who embraced the league's ideals of unquestionable integrity, sportsmanship and fair play while having participated as a multi-sport athlete throughout their career at St. Mark's—Morgan Smith '17, Ian Gobron '17