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Career Day Spotlight: Bose Corporation
Career Day Spotlight: Bose Corporation

When it comes to headphones and speaker systems, one name instantly comes to mind for millions of consumers around the world: Bose. On Wednesday, March 6, eight St. Mark's VI Form students spent the day at Bose Corporation as part of St. Mark's 2019 Career Day and learned about career paths in a wide range of fields.

Hosted by Alfred von Campe, P'13, P'15, a software and tools engineer and Linux administrator, the St. Markers enjoyed a tour of Bose's Framingham headquarters, home to more than 2,000 employees. They started the day with a visit to the company's rapid-prototyping facility, a warehouse-sized space that includes tools for laser cutting and engraving, 3D printing, silicone molding, wood and metal work, waterjet cutting, and more—all used to create product prototypes and make adjustments and improvements to existing products on the fly.

From there, students toured testing and development spaces including a vibration-isolated anechoic chamber, a concrete room used to test noise-cancelling algorithms, and "The Bunker," used to test the endurance of speakers by playing them—at full volume—for weeks on end (ear protection was mandatory).

"I enjoyed being able to see not just the developmental process, but also their prototypes and ideas for the future," said CJ Schumaker '19.

Nathan Laudani '19 added: "It was super-interesting to see how products advance through different stages of development."

After lunch, the students enjoyed presentations from electrical and mechanical engineers, software and mobile application developers, program and product managers, and the leader of BOSEbuild, a division of Bose that focuses on inspiring curiosity and innovation among young people through products such as speakers and headphones that kids can build themselves.

"I enjoyed exploring the various careers Bose had to offer," said Steven Sinchi '19. "I came in unsure of what engineering disciplines I was most interested in, but I left with a sense of curiosity toward mechanical and/or acoustics engineering. I made some great connections today with professionals who were not only knowledgeable, but kind as well."

"It was incredible to converse with such intelligent people and to witness the behind-the-scenes actions of so many different job roles within the company," added Gunnar Vachris '19. "The Bose employees gave great advice, not only in pursuing a Bose-related career, but any career."

Back on campus, Brian Mulcahey, P'21, a 17-year Bose veteran currently leading the creation, incubation, and strategy for several new categories within Bose's consumer wellness division, presented to III and IV Formers. Mulcahey discussed Bose's new "sleepbuds"—tiny, wireless earbuds designed to enhance sleep through a combination of soothing sounds and noise-masking.

"Brian was a huge success on campus for the second consecutive year," said John Camp, director of student enrichment, who organizes and leads Career Day.