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Fall Athletic Awards Announced
Fall Athletic Awards Announced

On Thursday, November 18, the Fall Athletic Awards ceremony took place in the Putnam Family Arts Center's Class of '45 Hall. In addition to team awards, 14 St. Markers earned All-Independent School League (ISL) honors, and two were named All-NEPSAC. The Wiedergott Award, presented each season to the program with the best winning percentage by a team at any level, went to varsity field hockey and boys' JV cross country.

Boys' Cross Country
Varsity: 6-11-0; JV: 8-9
Most Valuable Runner (MVR): A.J. Gorman '23
Most Improved Runner (MIR): Jacob Cifuentes '24
Coaches Award: James Nichols-Worley '23
Enthusiasm, Teamwork, and Attitude (ETA) Award: Andrew Hung '22
ISL Honorable Mention: A.J. Gorman '23

Girls' Cross Country
Varsity: 3-13, JV: 1-6
MVR: Natalie Zaterka '22
MIR: Izzy Mundel '25
Coaches Award: Helena Xie '22
ETA: Wendy Wu '24
All-ISL: Natalie Zaterka '22, Helena Xie '22

Field Hockey
Varsity: 8-10-1, JV: 1-10
Most Valuable Player (MVP): Avery McInerny '22
Most Improved Player (MIP): Jackie Wright '25
Hall Prize*: Jojo Mongillo '22
ETA: Ali Grenon '23
All-ISL: Avery McInerny '22
ISL Honorable Mention: Jojo Mongillo '22, Judy Rodolakis '24
All-NEPSAC: Avery McInerny '22, Abby Griffin '22
All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Jojo Mongillo '22, Judy Rodolakis '24
*The Hall Prize is awarded in memory of Brinley M. Hall, Class of 1930, to that member of the girls' varsity field hockey team whose contribution is characterized as strong of will, positive by nature, a reasoner, and cooperative.

Varsity: 0-8, JV: 0-2
MVP: Dwayne Hinds '22
MIP: Jared Brown '25
Smith Football Prize*: Levi McAllister '22
ETA: Jason Jiang '24
*The Smith Football Prize is given to the player (excluding the captain) who best exemplifies the spirit and sportsmanship which brings back the memories of Archie Smith and the 1934 team.
All-ISL: Tru Styles '23
ISL Honorable Mention: Grady St. John '22, Levi McAllister '22, Zaki Williams '22

Boys' Soccer
Varsity: 2-15-1, JV: 0-10-3, 3rds: 0-6-1
MVP: Alden Mehta '23
MIP: Finn Dolesh '25
Coaches Award: Jack Bos '22
ETA: James Sabet '24
ISL Honorable Mention: Alden Mehta '23

Girls' Soccer
Varsity: 6-9-2, JV: 2-7-3, 3rds 0-5
MVP: Erin O'Keefe '22
MIP: Hadley Gibbons '25
Coaches Award: Laryssa Barbosa '22
ETA: Maddy Bean '24, Jeamilett Martinez '24
All-ISL: Erin O'Keefe '22
ISL Honorable Mention: Laryssa Barbosa '22, Riley Schumacher '22