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John Camp Named Director of Experiential Learning
John Camp Named Director of Experiential Learning

Head of School John C. Warren '74 has announced that John Camp, associate director of the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning and director of student enrichment, has been named St. Mark's director of experiential learning. In this newly created position, Mr. Camp will work to ensure outstanding continued integration of experiential learning into the St. Mark's educational program. He will also provide oversight for Lion Term and St. Mark's Saturdays and develop further integration between the two programs.

"Mr. Camp's approach to all aspects of his work at the School make him the perfect person to take on the role of director of experiential learning," Mr. Warren said. "His experience and temperament are just right for the work envisioned. I am confident that Mr. Camp will skillfully advance a vision for experiential education at St. Mark's, continue the work on alignment and cohesion between experiential offerings, contribute to the conversation about faculty growth, and oversee the logistics of programming. Mr. Camp will be a key communicator for St. Mark's efforts to engage students with 'real-world' learning experiences, and a lead figure in developing the capacity and confidence of the faculty to lead effectively in programmatic offerings including St. Mark's Saturdays and Lion Term."

Reporting to the dean of academics, Mr. Camp will be a member of Academic Council and will serve on the School's Strategic Planning Implementation Team. He will supervise the work of four Lion Term leaders and convene a group of faculty involved with the development of form-based programming. In addition, Mr. Camp will continue to teach English classes, including a IV Form writing and literature course and VI Form electives "Getting LOST," "The Writers' Room," and "Rebels with a Cause."

"I'm excited and inspired to expand my enrichment role into this comprehensive approach to experiential learning," Mr. Camp says. "I love the creativity that will be necessary for the work, and I'm especially looking forward to collaborating with the Lion Term form leaders, the SM Saturdays core class leaders, and, really, the entire faculty—as these programs are about the whole school, students and faculty alike."

Mr. Camp holds a B.A. in English and creative writing from Middlebury College and an M.A.L.S. in gender studies and creative writing from Dartmouth College. He is the editor of the St. Mark's academic journal LEO and holds the Trustees Chair, one of 11 endowed faculty chairs at St. Mark's. He was awarded the Kidder Faculty Prize in 2012. Mr. Camp lives on campus with his family.