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New Climate Action Plan Announced
New Climate Action Plan Announced

St. Mark's School today announced the release of its new Climate Action Plan. Titled "Lions Live Green," the plan focuses on actions the School is taking to combat climate change, including lowering greenhouse gas emissions, conserving resources, and inspiring students to become leaders of environmental stewardship.

"This Climate Action Plan is the natural next step in formalizing our School's commitment to sustainability," said Head of School John C. Warren '74 in the plan's introduction. "I look forward to the continuing evolution of our campus culture, as we prioritize educating our students and modeling responsible global citizenship."

As noted in the plan, the School has set a goal of reducing emissions by 10 percent below 2015 levels by 2025 through a combination of energy efficiency projects, green building design, and renewable energy.

"What I am most proud of in regard to our campus sustainability commitment is that we are truly walking the walk," says Sustainability Coordinator Lindsey Lohwater, a faculty member in the Science Department. "One of the most exciting, tangible representations of this is the new residential facility (currently under construction), which is built to passive house standards, contains all electric heating and cooling systems, and will be crowned with a solar array providing over 60 percent of that building's energy use."

The new plan follows a successful 2015 Sustainability Strategic Plan, established with the goal of "weaving sustainability thinking, behaviors, and action into existing campus operations, engagement, education, and governance." Over the last six years, the School has reduced solid waste, food waste, and water consumption; implemented a sustainable purchasing policy and a Green Revolving Fund to support sustainable capital investments; partnered with food-service provider FLIK to increase sustainable, local food options; installed a 641-kW solar array on campus; encouraged and empowered student sustainability leaders in their grassroots efforts; and engaged the Board of Trustees, school administrators, faculty, staff, and students in resource-saving initiatives.
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