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Robotics Team Wins Automation Award
Robotics Team Wins Automation Award

The St. Mark's robotics team (3566-Gone Fishin') competed at the NE FIRST Southeastern Massachusetts District Meet at Bridgewater-Raynham High School from March 8 through 10 and came home with the event's Autonomous Award, sponsored by Ford.

The St. Mark's robot—named "Kevin"—featured a pneumatic hatch-placement system, through which a driver pressed a button that prompted Kevin to place or get a hatch panel. The robot also had a climbing feature which used pneumatic air tubes to lift the robot to a second level in the robot landing area, gaining valuable points in the process.

The team made the playoff rounds, finishing 11th overall in qualifying, and the autonomous hatch placing/getting feature won the Autonomous Award.

The St. Mark's students on Team 3566 have long been interested in developing great autonomous systems for competitions. The Autonomous Award earned this year affirms the work St. Mark's students have put into autonomous systems for a number of years. Last year, Jason Chen '20, Gillian Yue '18, and Jiwon Choi '19 worked an an autonomous system for planning robot delivery routes. This year, Jason continued and built on that previous work with team newcomer Carl Guo '22. In 2017, Jason Qian '17 and Gillian Yue also worked to develop and expand our autonomous driving capabilities.

The competition field for the Bridgewater-Raynham event included 38 teams of public and private high school teams from New England. In the competition—titled "Destination: Deep Space"— robots moved "cargo" to "space vehicles" and placed "cargo hatches" on the cargo areas to secure the holds. At the conclusion of each round, the robots moved back to a robot landing area, where points were awarded for robot climbs.

To see "Kevin" in action, visit: