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SM LEOS Staffer Presents at Philosophy Conference
SM LEOS Staffer Presents at Philosophy Conference

Harrison Mullen, currently one of the Leaders for Educational and Operational Support (LEOS) at St. Mark's, recently delivered a presentation at the 2021 American Philosophical Association (APA) annual conference.

LEOS joined the St Mark's staff to help facilitate hybrid learning during the COVID era, assisting students and faculty during the academic day in classes and activities conducted synchronously or asynchronously, including helping to manage virtual and hybrid classroom transitions, supporting students who cannot be physically present, providing supervision for students during meals and traveling between classes and activities, and other support responsibilities. Muller, a graduate of St. Lawrence University, earned his M.A. in philosophy and education from Teachers College at Columbia University this past year.

On Friday, January 15, as part of the John Dewey Society's virtual APA session—"John Dewey: the Soul and Political Philosophy Across a Century"—Mullen presented a talk entitled "'Arrested Growth: Evoking Dewey's Conception of the Continuity of Experience as a Counter to Thoughtless Social Media Usage" on a panel with panel with Professor David Hansen of Columbia University, Professor Nicholas Tampio of Fordham University, and doctoral student Vik Joshi of Columbia University. "It was an honor to participate in community with such a committed group of thinkers," commented Mullen following the conference. "It was truly a treat." The previous year, Mullen joined Dr. Hansen at the annual Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain (PESGB) conference at New College, Oxford University.

At St. Mark's, Mullen's primary responsibility is academic coaching. "I absolutely love it," he declares. A graduate of Gould Academy in Bethel, Maine, where he played soccer, baseball, lacrosse, and was an alpine ski racer, Mullen is not unfamiliar with boarding school life, and he is settling comfortably into his position as a staffer in the St. Mark's LEOS program.