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St. Mark's School Football Clinic - July 8-11, 2019


St. Mark’s Football Clinic Goals:

  • St. Mark’s Football Clinic is an instructional clinic aimed at teaching fundamental technique and scheme to players entering 7th–9th grade. Campers will receive individualized skill instruction and will also have opportunities to drill full speed game scenarios and build conditioning for their upcoming season.
  • Each of the four day sessions will include a position specific skill instruction periods for both offensive and defensive positions, agility and speed drills, pass skelly and pass rush periods, as well as team schematic instruction. Two sessions will incorporate special teams skill instruction for kickers, punters, long-snappers, holders, and returners. The camp will culminate in a game format scrimmage.
  • The St. Mark’s Clinic is staffed by coaches who have coached at all levels of college and high school football and we have a player to coach ratio of less that 8:1 to emphasize individualized instruction. A certified trainer will be on site for all sessions and the camp is a helmet and shoulder pads camp with minimal contact and an emphasis on form and technique.

Positional Skills Stressed:

Quarterback: footwork, ball handling, throwing mechanics, option technique
Running Back: footwork, cuts, ball handling, blocking, pass receiving
O-Lineman: stance, start, explosion, balance, run blocking, pass protecting
Receivers: stance, release, hand technique, ball handling, stalk blocking
D-Linemen: stance, reading, defeating blocks, pass drops, form tackling
Secondary: stance, steps, man and zone techniques, run support, form tackling

Location: 25 Marlboro Road, Southborough, MA on Sargent Field, turf field on Rt. 85
Tuition is $210. This includes expert professional instruction and a complimentary clinic t-shirt.

All inquiries can be made through Jordan Studevan or by phone at 508.786.4054.