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We inspire students to challenge what they believe, question what they know, and collaborate with different points of view.

Every experience at St. Mark’s is an opportunity to learn and grow. We balance our challenging curriculum with creative, exploratory programs that provide a fuller, richer education—satisfying individual curiosity and promoting a lifetime of independent thinking.

In service of the principles identified in our Mission Statement, St. Mark’s challenges students to:

  • Think critically and creatively to discover and make meaning.
  • Communicate skillfully in a variety of modes.
  • Collaborate effectively, demonstrating openness to diverse perspectives and new ideas.
  • Cultivate knowledge of self, including healthy habits of mind, body, and spirit.

These objectives orient the School’s educational program. Evident in all domains of school life, they are holistic objectives and serve as a reference point to inform decisions about the evolution of the academic and community life programs.

St. Mark’s Curriculum

The St. Mark’s curriculum is built on several pillars of pedagogy and learning designed to challenge and support our students

Students walk outside of the Burgess Center on campus.
The Burgess Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning provides space for students to study, socialize, get extra help, and attend school meetings and other events.
Experiential Learning is an integral component of a St. Mark’s School education, preparing graduates with the knowledge and the agency to live healthy and robust lives rooted in leadership and service.
Students post for a photo in Cadiz, Spain

Students at St. Mark's have the opportunity to explore other parts of the world and by doing so, gain an appreciation for both the cultural and biological diversity that exists on the planet. 

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