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The Arts

Art, whether in performance or in the gallery, represents a union of craft and expression. St. Mark’s students learn the language of art through skills acquisition in drama, music, and visual art.

We hope that through coursework in one or more arts courses, students will become more critical listeners, better informed viewers, and experienced in their chosen course of study. Across the St. Mark’s campus, art enhances life within the community: We learn about each other—as artists, as musicians, as actors, as friends—through what we do.

Remote St. Markers: Visual Arts Curriculum Thriving

Throughout the COVID era, the arts at St. Mark's have continued to thrive curricularly. Arts Department head Chris Kent is teaching theater arts remotely, while Director of Music James Wallace has been working diligently with St. Mark's students, producing music for regular chapel services, the uniquely virtual 2020 Lessons & Carols service, and some wonderful a capella vocal productions. The visual arts, taught by faculty veterans Barbara Putnam and Aggie Belt, have been particularly impressive. Ms. Belt's sculptors have created "cultural unity vessels" in which students combine pottery styles from different cultures to produce unique objects. There was also an extraordinarily creative output from Ms. Putnam's studio artists this fall and leading up to the Christmas break. The vast majority of these artistic endeavors have taken place remotely, so it is exciting to realize that the arts at St. Mark's are thriving despite all challenges.

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