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The Computer Science program is designed to expose students to thinking like a computer scientist, including learning how to transfer concepts from one language to another. Students will learn how to work in a team to tackle complex technical problems and we'll look at current events through a computer science lens. The goal is to give students both technical ability and comfort with computers and computer science.

How do we model what we know? How do we use these models to explain our ideas? How do we solve problems using these models? How can we analyze and improve these solutions? Computer science is an approach to answering these questions that is grounded in mathematical theory and computer logic. The study of computer science is the study of the languages, symbols and theories that we use to answer these questions and to develop new questions. Over the course of four semesters, Computer Science students at St. Mark’s will study the process of problem solving through the lens of computer programming in Java and other languages. Introduction to Computer Science and Application Design are process- rather than information-driven, as students learn to tackle complex challenges in strategically and tactically sound ways, building their arsenal of problem-solving methods. Information Design and Advanced Topics in Computer Science assume a thorough knowledge of these skills and add a layer of theoretical knowledge of common models and algorithms. Students taking Information Design and Advanced Topics in Computer Science in a single year will be prepared to take the Advanced Placement Exam in Computer Science.


Christopher Roche

Titles: Science Department Faculty
Departments: Computer Science, Science


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