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St. Mark’s Curriculum

St. Mark’s seeks to develop students’ abilities in key areas. Students attending St. Mark’s are challenged:
  • To learn deeply and think critically.
  • To be resilient and resourceful.
  • To be creative problem-solvers with an understanding of the importance of inquiry.
  • To develop intellectual self-confidence and curiosity.
  • To communicate and listen effectively.
  • To operate with integrity and honesty.
  • To develop necessary skills to live in a diverse community and global world.
  • To develop healthy habits of mind, body, and spirit.

The St. Mark’s curriculum is built on several pillars of pedagogy and learning designed to challenge and support our students:

  • College Preparation 
  • Diverse Curricular Offerings 
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Spiritual Center
  • Exploring the World Beyond Campus
  • Advanced Course Offerings

Diploma Requirements

For incoming students, course placement is contingent upon departmental approval in consultation with the dean of academics. 



Department Overview & Philosophy

2021-2022 Courses

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2022-2023 Courses

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Student Course Load

All III Form students are required to take six courses each semester. All other Forms are required to take a minimum of five courses per semester, but with permission of the dean of academics, students on honors may take six courses.

Honors and High Honors

A student who receives a cumulative grade average of B+ or higher in a cumulative Window (quarter) with no C range grades or below, will have an honors designation for that marking period. A student who receives a grade average of A or higher in a cumulative Window (quarter) with no C range grades or below will have a high honors designation for that marking period.