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Artificial Intelligence in Education: New Trends in Teaching and Learning

Join us on April 19, 2024, for Artificial Intelligence in Education: New Trends in Teaching and Learning. The symposium is designed to foster dialogue among peer schools and offer valuable professional development for teachers and administrators. Participants will gain new perspectives about opportunities to leverage AI in support of student learning, as well as practical approaches to the challenges faced by educators as we navigate AI's new role in our classrooms and school communities.
Although our initial registration closed on March 24, we hope to welcome many participants from our waitlist as spots become available. 

Add your name to our waitlist by selecting the button below. Registration is free but space is limited.


St. Mark's School, 25 Marlboro Road, Southborough, Massachusetts

April 19, 2024 

8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Lunch will be provided. 

Please direct further questions to:
Maureen Russo Rodríguez
Ron Spalletta

Symposium Speakers

Nate Green, Symposium Keynote Speaker

Pedagogical Prompts: Leveraging AI for Teaching and Learning

This session evaluates the potential and the pitfalls of injecting AI into our pedagogy. It focuses on using pedagogically sound AI prompts and AI applications for teaching and learning.

Participants will leave with a toolkit of AI prompts and applications to generate high-quality lessons and facilitate student learning with the support of constructive AI tutors. In addition, this session includes AI Literacy lessons for students and provides professional development activities for faculty.

Learn More about Nate Green, Symposium Keynote Speaker
Torrey Trust, Ph.D., Plenary Speaker

From AI-Aware to AI-Prepared: Designing Assignments and Assessments to Support Student Success

In just two months, ChatGPT reached 100 million users, sparking a surge in AI awareness. With this awareness came new questions, like "Will ChatGPT replace me as a teacher?" "Will my students use AI to do their work for them?" and "What might teaching and learning look like in the era of generative AI technologies?" This workshop aims to prepare teachers to support student learning with AI through practical tips, frameworks, and ready-to-implement strategies for (re)designing assignments and assessments. Teachers will walk away with concrete tools and ideas to elevate their teaching in the era of generative AI technologies!

Learn More about Torrey Trust, Ph.D., Plenary Speaker

Symposium Organizers

Symposium Student Ambassadors

Who should register for the symposium? 

Teacher Pioneers
Curious Beginners

Learn More About AI Initiatives at St. Mark's

The Patterson Grant for Innovation in Teaching & Learning at St. Mark's

The Patterson Grant aims to help faculty envision and implement innovative projects that positively impact the student experience at St. Mark’s. Thanks to the generosity of Arthur Patterson ’62, this grant supports faculty as they research and test out promising new approaches in teaching, learning, and the broader experience of school.

Generative AI and K-12 Education: An MIT Perspective

Check out this article titled, "Generative AI and K-12 Education: An MIT Perspective," featuring Director of St. Mark’s Center for Teaching & Learning Colleen Worrell. 

I think our purpose is to help them become the best human beings and contribute to a better world. And so if we’re just talking about things like academic integrity, then we’re not doing our job to prepare them for a future where the pace of change is just getting faster.
—Colleen Worrell, Director of the Center for Innovation, Teaching, and Learning, Massachusetts. 
AI generated photo of a class room with a presentation on the screen.