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Collaboration among educators toward AI-forward thinking will be the name of the game on April 19th, 2024. With these goals in mind, we will be leveraging some AI innovations in real time to maximize participant engagement with sessions. By employing a new tool despite a few unknowns and challenges, we aim to model the same openness to experimentation that the Symposium will be encouraging as the emerging best practice for teachers.


Several designated sessions will be utilizing, an AI Meeting Assistant that records audio, creates live annotatable transcripts for audience interaction, and generates a dynamic AI summary so attendees can review key takeaways. Symposium participants unable to attend a session of interest live will have the opportunity to listen and participate asynchronously.

Please review the introductory video below to learn about what is all about and what you can expect if you attend an Otter-captured session:


Recording will occur during designated sessions below. Participants can comment on the transcript during the session and the annotated transcript will be available after the session for all Symposium participants.

Symposium presenter and Otter aficionado Morgan Harris, in collaboration with the Symposium Organizers, will coordinate set up logistics and strategy for disseminating content created. Recordings will be collected/stored on in the channel titled “St. Mark's Symposium on AI in Education,” to which all registered participants will receive an invite via email. Moderators/presenters will remind participants at those sessions that Otter is recording/transcribing. Sessions captured by Otter include:
  • Bias in Tech: The Black Box Dilemma
  • Position Statements: Building School Philosophy Around AI & Learning
  • Discover What your Students Know with Sherpa
  • AI-Adapted Assignments and Assessments
  • How AI Changes the Role of Teachers