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Our student-centered approach begins with the expectation that students will develop a fuller sense of autonomy and responsibility throughout their time at St. Mark’s. By fully engaging in the life of the school, students are challenged to build self-awareness and decision-making skills as they explore what kind of students and young people they are and want to become.

College Counseling by the Numbers

heatmapstates 2002


Students from the class of 2022 are currently attending college in 23 different states, District of Columbia, and two countries. The gold circles indicate the number of students from the classes of 2022 in each state and country. 


"It Depends"

One of the most challenging (and important) parts of our jobs is helping students and parents understand that the college process is highly individualized. While it may be comforting to think of the college process as a series of neatly choreographed steps or a recipe that everyone follows in lockstep, the reality is a whole lot more nuanced.

Whether we are talking about the rigor of one’s schedule, when (or if) to take a standardized test, when and how to apply to a college, as well as myriad other things, the best and most honest answer to most any question is, “It depends.” The job of college counselors is to decode this statement for each student and family and to help guide a thoughtful and purposeful process.