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College Counseling

Students graduate to collegiate success, but St. Mark’s never truly leaves them.

From a student’s first day on campus, preparation begins for life after St. Mark’s. Our college counselors become immediately acquainted with students to help guide them towards their next steps. It is a process that builds confidence and provides autonomy.

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"It Depends"

One of the most challenging (and important) parts of our jobs is helping students and parents understand that the college process is highly individualized. While it may be comforting to think of the college process as a series of neatly choreographed steps or a recipe that everyone follows in lockstep, the reality is a whole lot more nuanced.

Whether we are talking about the rigor of one’s schedule, when (or if) to take a standardized test, when and how to apply to a college, as well as myriad other things, the best and most honest answer to most any question is, “It depends.” The job of college counselors is to decode this statement for each student and family and to help guide a thoughtful and purposeful process.

College Counseling by the Numbers


Number of different schools attended by members of the Class of 2023



The average number of annual visits by college admission representatives to St. Mark’s School


The 3-year average percent of the class enrolled in a school categorized by Barron's as “Most or Highly Competitive”


Percentage of alumni who rate themselves more or much more prepared for academic success than their peers


The number of St. Mark’s School alumni currently playing collegiate level sports


Number of states where members of the Class of 2023 are attending college

Helpful Information

Where is the Class of 2023?

Students from the class of 2023 are currently attending college in 22 different states and one country. The gold circles indicate the number of students from the classes of 2023 in each state and country.

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College Representatives

Interested in visiting campus? We welcome admissions representatives throughout the year. Visits are scheduled for one hour with the majority of it spent with students and the remainder with one of our three College Counselors.

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Two students review an SAT prep book in the college counseling office at St. Mark's School.
College and university banners hang in the windows of the college counseling office at St. Mark's School.
Three students meet with Ms. Yang in the College Counseling Office at St. Mark's School.
Mr. Monheim meets with two students in the College Counseling office.
A birds eye view of students gathered in the college counseling office at St. Mark's.
College penet flags hang in the College Counseling office