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Affording College

Clearly stated: a college education is expensive

As college costs continue to escalate, families are understandably growing more and more concerned about just how they will pay for it all. A $70,000+ price tag is not uncommon these days for the total cost of attendance for one year of college at a private school. While costs at public schools are indeed lower, they too are on the rise. In addition, it’s important to understand the difference between “sticker price” and the actual net price your family will pay at a particular school — often, schools that are more expensive on paper may end up being a better “deal” once financial aid is taken into account.

While we urge you not to go through the college search process with cost as the primary factor, we do recognize the importance of the price tag in the final decision. In this section, we provide a number of resources and answers to frequently asked questions. Please contact the College Counseling Office at any time with additional questions, to discuss a specific scenario, or for any other help!

Useful Financial Aid Resources

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions