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Standardized Testing

Students at St. Mark’s take the PSAT and a practice ACT in IV Form. At the end of IV Form, each student receives a recommendation from the College Office regarding a testing route. Students meet individually with their counselor in V Form to create a testing plan and discuss test prep options.

Note that students are responsible for registering themselves for all standardized testing other than the PSAT and the practice ACT. As they apply to colleges, students are also responsible for identifying whether colleges require official scores sent directly from the testing agency.

On-Campus Test Prep
We have partnered with Academic Approach to provide on-campus SAT and ACT test prep classes. There are two sessions each year, one starting in the fall and targeting December test dates, and a second starting after winter break and targeting spring testing dates. Information about test prep courses is sent to all V Formers well in advance of the registration deadline. Students should speak with their college counselor about whether a course makes sense. Academic Approach also offers on-campus one-on-one tutoring. If you are interested in exploring this option, please contact Brian Kirchner directly at 212.348.4172 or

Select the buttons below that read "ACT" & "SAT" to view the preparation brochures.