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Computer Science

Computer science is a field that brings together disciplines like logic, mathematics, probability, engineering, and linguistics, and through those lenses uses the computer as a problem-solving tool. Computer science studies range from theoretical foundations to human-computer interfaces. This rapidly changing and dynamic field is deeply integrated into the natural sciences, engineering, business, and the arts.

Our computer science courses have been designed to provide a firm grounding for a broad range of students. For those students who will go on to do in-depth study in one or more of these disciplines, the St. Mark’s courses in computer science will provide them with the skills to get a head start. For students who will progress to other disciplines, the computer science courses will provide insight into using computational and digital solutions in their chosen field.

From the Classroom

Three students are seen working on their computers
The computer science teacher instructing a class.
A inside view of the computer science classroom in the STEM building.
A student works on their computer during a computer science class.