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The English Department seeks to develop sensitive and critical readers and writers who view reading and writing as modes of discovery, thought, and communication. In our approach to reading, we challenge students to be honest with the text and to read with precision, attentive to nuances of tone and voice, image and symbol, plot, and theme. We encourage our students to become lifelong readers, capable of responding to literature as an artistic form and as a means of understanding one’s self and others. As students move through the English program, they receive a balanced and broad exposure to world literature.

Central to the department’s approach to writing is a shared emphasis on the composing process. Students learn the basic skills in moving from the sentence to the paragraph to the critical essay. As these skills develop, we encourage each student to develop his or her personal writing voice, to take intellectual risks, and to understand the intended audience. We place special emphasis on revision. Frequent conferences and written comments on papers assure both discussion of student work and mentoring through the process of drafting and revision.

From the Classroom

Students sit around a harkness table during an English class
Three students enjoy english class
A student writes in an English class at St. Mark's School
A student laughs during an English class at St. Mark's school