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History and Social Sciences

Grow, broaden, and enrich your perception of human activity

At St. Mark’s, the History and Social Sciences Department exposes students not only to important historical facts but also to the imaginative process of understanding and evaluating the significance of those facts in the light of the present day. This process is a catalyst for intellectual growth, for it broadens and enriches one’s perception of human activity as it sharpens one’s powers of analysis and communication. It also prepares our students to be more effective global citizens.

Students become acquainted with the past in varying ways: through texts, primary sources, autobiographies, narratives, passages from literature, and works of art. While most classroom time is organized around the discussion of assigned readings and lectures, teachers pay specific attention to the skills students must develop. Those include various proficiencies in reading and writing and the organizing of material with techniques such as outlining and note-taking. In addition, the department works with students to extend their abilities to work diligently, think critically, solve problems creatively, work collaboratively, and self-advocate with confidence and integrity.

From the Classroom

Suggested Pathway for Historical Studies at St. Mark’s School

  • III Form: The Global Seminar (Required for III Formers)
  • IV Form: The Atlantic World, 1300–1800 (Fall & Spring semesters), Advanced World History (Year)
  • V Form: United States History (Year), Advanced United States History (Year), (Either Advanced US History or US History is required for graduation)
  • VI Form: History Research Fellowship (Fall semester), Microeconomics (Fall semester ), and/or Macroeconomics (Spring semester), Psychology I (Fall semester), and/or Psychology II (Spring semester), Race, Racism, and Reconciliation (Spring semester), Nazi Germany and the Holocaust (Spring semester), Advanced United States Government (Year), Advanced Studies in Global Citizenship (Year)
A student raises their hand in a history class.
Mr. Waters teaches a history class at St. Mark's School.