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Modern Languages

Modern languages form an integral part of the education of today’s youth.

The ability to communicate with considerable proficiency in at least one additional modern language is increasingly a necessity of contemporary life. It continues to be true that the study of languages changes one’s perspective, not only of different parts of the world but also of one’s own language and culture. At the same time, the study of language provides the opportunity to learn to appreciate differences and to be less ethnocentric.

Because the countries whose languages we offer have a rich history that encompasses different races, ethnicities, religious, and political views, our courses incorporate topics of discussion around these areas that are age and level appropriate for the students. Ultimately, the aim of the Modern Language Department is to give St. Mark’s students thought-provoking instruction in the language or languages they have decided to learn and to make them stronger students as well as more aware and appreciative of the cultural backgrounds and values of the people whose language they are studying.

From the Classroom

Mr. Sellers teaches a Spanish class
Students enjoy a Spanish class at St. Mark's School
Students participate in a Spanish class lead by Mrs. Roussinos