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Lion Term

Immerse yourself in interdisciplinary, hands-on learning.

At the end of each school year, all students engage in a 10-day Form-based experiential learning course, titled Lion Term, that seeks to challenge students with a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Lion Term is designed to place more emphasis on individual students each year, centralizing their educational path, voice and choices. The St. Mark’s Lion Term program offers the community an innovative opportunity to engage in immersive, interdisciplinary, hands-on, responsive learning. At the heart of each course is a belief in the power of experience to transform understanding. It is essential to provide opportunities for students to explore the world in both natural and urban settings, and grow in self-knowledge and confidence. Lion Term is also a celebration; during the final weeks of the academic year, students demonstrate learning and create powerful evidence of creativity and engagement in critical topics facing society today.

Lion Term Form-Based Learning

Exhibition of Learning

Lion Term culminates in an Exhibition of Learning, which is a series of student-driven presentations that highlight student growth, reflection, and future intentions set during participation in our programs. These presentations bring the experiences and thinking at the individual or small-group level into view for other Forms and adults across the community, including parents, alumni and outside experts. Preparation for such a presentation promotes student-to-student and student-to-adult dialogue, encourages effective strategies for communicating ideas and addressing complex issues, and facilitates a reflective process and continuous evolution at St. Mark’s School by cultivating powerful conversations and understanding across the entire community.