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We are lifelong learners.

St. Mark’s faculty are encouraged to continue learning and growing, to think critically and creatively, to communicate and collaborate skillfully, and to be open to new ideas and diverse perspectives. As lifelong learners, we model this growth mindset for students. Our School’s holistic approach to education enables students to develop essential intellectual, character, and leadership skills that will help them succeed in whatever field they choose.

St. Mark's School: A Lasting Impact
Hear from some of our School's alumni and faculty, as they reflect on St. Mark's lasting impact.
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Did you know?

  • St. Mark's has a robust faculty professional development budgetThe School supported over $90,000 in professional development opportunities for FY 21-22, and that year, 38 faculty members participated in professional development.

  • New faculty members benefit from our mentorship program. This year, 22 faculty members are serving as mentors to new members of the faculty community.

  • All faculty members may apply for international travel grants each year through the Loudon Fund. This benefit is a favorite perk among St. Mark's faculty, as it funds airfare for educational travel. In FY 22, the School awarded over $11,000 to 7 faculty members who visited Mexico, Israel, England, France, Canada, and Portugal.

Our teachers understand how we each learn—they know which teaching techniques best suit our individual styles of learning.”


The teachers here have such a passion, they are so engaged, and it makes me feel that my future is full of choices. They inspire me to make a difference.”