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Global Citizenship

Become a thoughtful global citizen at St. Mark’s

St. Mark’s School recognizes that a global education is a critical component of a 21st century education. Therefore, the goal of the Global Citizenship Program, through both curricular and extracurricular offerings, is to help our students see and appreciate the distinctive features and the beauty that exist in the variety of cultures of the world, to appreciate the human universals that make all people more similar than different, and to inspire our students to become global citizens.

Meet the Office

Laura Appell-Warren

Laura Appell-Warren

Titles: Director of Global Citizenship, History and Social Sciences Department Faculty
Mary Ann Ciampa

Mary Ann Ciampa

Titles: Operations Manager for Global Citizenship, Assistant to the Director of Community and Equity Affairs
Neil Cifuentes

Neil Cifuentes

Titles: Assistant Director of Global Citizenship, On-Site Partner School Coordinator, Modern Languages Department Faculty, Spanish Teacher

It is essential that our students learn the intercultural and perspective taking skills necessary to engage with a globalized world. Visiting different areas of the world coupled with learning about those areas of the world will allow our students to become thoughtful global citizens. Dr. Laura Appell- Warren, Director of global citizenship

Global Diploma

Logo-St. Mark's School Global Diploma


The Global Diploma provides the opportunity for students whose passion lies in the area of global citizenship to deepen their understanding of this topic. Global Diploma candidates will participate in a cohort that meets regularly and encourages reflection on their course of study and local and global engagement. Students will also complete a capstone experience that allows them to translate their curricular and extracurricular experiences to responsible action in the real world. Ideally, students will join the cohort by the end of their first year at St. Mark’s School so appropriate course planning can begin. Students interested in this opportunity should meet with Dr. Appell-Warren to begin the planning process.

GEBG Endorsement

St. Mark's School is endorsed by the Global Education Benchmark Group (GEBG), a nonprofit organization that researches and provides a guide to global education for more than 300 schools, ranging from kindergarten to high school, in 16 countries. St. Mark's first joined the organization as a member school in 2013.


Start Exploring Your World

Global News

Students post for a photo in Cadiz, Spain

Students at St. Mark's have the opportunity to explore other parts of the world and by doing so, gain an appreciation for both the cultural and biological diversity that exists on the planet. 

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A group photo of students in Puerto Rico.
Students take a photo with Mr. Sellers in Spain.