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Remote Learning

Welcome to remote learning at St. Mark's! On this site you will find our Program Overview, Student and Family Roles, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Below we invite you to view our modified daily schedule and please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the key terms and technology (listed below) that will be used throughout the program. 


Remote Learning Message from Dean of Academics Nat Waters

Daily Schedule

School life will operate according to a modified daily schedule, with synchronous class meetings of not more than 20 minutes taking place within each course’s assigned time for the week. These meetings are encouraged for all students, but not required. Teachers will communicate to ensure that as many students can attend as possible, and will be able to record synchronous meetings that all students are not able to attend in person.

Key Terms and Technology

The following are key systems and terms that will shape our approach to remote learning.

Please select the tabs below (Email, Canvas, Zoom, Classroom Tools, and NetClassroom) to see more information regarding the key systems that will be used.

Synchronous /ˈsiNGkrənəs/ adjective: existing or occurring at the same time.
In Remote Learning we view synchronous connections as anything students are doing together at the same time, either as a whole class, group collaboration with peers, or individual meetings with a teacher.

Asynchro·nous /āˈsiNGkrənəs/ adjective: not existing or happening at the same time.
Asynchronous learning is anything students can do on their time. While this can be individual work, it can also be collaborative (Canvas Discussion Boards) and connected. Asynchronous work will comprise the greater portion of the time students will dedicate to each course.

Digital Equity
St. Mark’s acknowledges that students can encounter challenges in remote learning because of access to technology, time zone differences, and circumstances beyond their control, such as illness or obligations at home. The school is committed to supporting students in overcoming these challenges in a proactive way, and asks for the partnership of students and families in identifying issues as they occur.