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The C. Boyden Gray Colloquium is designed to engage St. Mark’s students in an exploration of one complex global issue annually. Students hear from outside speakers with varying viewpoints, participate in small group discussions, write about and debate the issue, and take part in all-community events. C. Boyden Gray ’60, former Board President and current Trustee, has committed $1.5 million to fund this annual yearlong learning exercise.

St. Markers, Gray believes “should think in big terms and be inquisitive about the outside world.” Gray, a former U.S. Ambassador to the European Union, White House counsel to the first President Bush, and recipient of the Presidential Citizens Medal, hopes that tackling these topics in an intensive fashion will inspire students to serve their country and the world.

The Gray Colloquium Student Committee generate the theme for the year and offer suggestions for speakers and events. During the year, they offer support when speakers visit, share luncheons with the speakers, introduce the speakers to the whole school, and help arrange student activities around the visits. The Student Committee is comprised of 2-4 students from each form, selected by application.

Interested in speaking to our students on the current topic? Contact Sarah McCann.

Democracy in the 21st Century

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Diocesan Bishop Alan Gates Visits St. Mark's

On Thursday, October 17, the Right Reverend Alan Gates, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, visited St. Mark's. The School, and especially its historic Belmont Chapel, are part of the Diocese as Episcopal institutions, and the bishop formally visits every four years along with celebrating at services of confirmation for members of the St. Mark's community from time to time.

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