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Lion Term

At the end of the school year, all students engage in a 10-day Form-based immersive course that seeks to challenge students with a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Lion Term is designed to place, each year, more emphasis on individual students, centralizing their educational path, voice and choices. The goal is to help students move along a continuum from focused exploration of self towards a progressively expanding exploration of their role in the communities they currently and will inhabit as citizens of an interconnected and global society. This shared space in Experiential Learning facilitates a reflective process and continuous evolution at St. Mark’s School by cultivating powerful conversations and understanding across the entire community. Lion Term is also a celebration by all students and faculty during the last weeks of the academic year, as they demonstrate learning and create powerful evidence of creativity and engagement in critical topics facing our society today.

Lion Term culminates in an Exhibition of Learning, which is a series of student-driven presentations that highlight student growth, reflection, and future intentions set during their participation in our programs. These presentations bring the experiences and thinking at the individual or small-group level into view for other Forms and adults across the community, including parents, alumni and outside experts. Preparation for such a presentation promotes student to student and student to adult dialogue and practicing effective strategies for communicating ideas. 

III Form Lion Term: Self-Knowledge
This Lion Term is a form-based, outdoor and wilderness experience where the entire class will take a multi-day, overnight trip to Brantwood Camp, in the woods of New Hampshire. If you’ve ever been to Brantwood, you will easily remember the games and campfires and songs, but you might not think of the hard-to-measure benefits: the growth in confidence, responsibility, and resilience born of mastering new skills, tidying cabins and, occasionally, failing at an activity but learning to try again. This Lion Term prioritizes bonding as a Form, making strides in self-confidence and self-knowledge, and appreciating the natural world. Exhibition of Learning: III Form students create a Form-based slideshow, self-reflect and set goals for next year as a class. (Required for all III Form Students)

IV Form Lion Term: Community Development
In the IV Form, students have the opportunity to choose from a variety of community development projects with a hyper-local lens: our school grounds, our neighborhood, and our immediate community members.Through groups are formed around interests and choice, students will develop their collaboration and interpersonal skills while also pursuing individual lines of inquiry. The IV Form Lion Term seeks to empower small groups, led by passionate and engaged faculty, to dig deeply into a topic they care about and to cultivate the 21st Century skills of curiosity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. Exhibition of Learning: each IV Form Lion Term group’s presentation model is dependent on their project and focus. (Required for all IV Form Students)

V Form Lion Term: Purposeful Action
In the V Form, students have the opportunity to choose from a variety of ways to take purposeful action in our community, with a focus on interrogation of contemporary issues and integration of the skills and reflective practices required to engage in meaningful community-engaged academic projects. Topics and activities may vary greatly in these groups, formed around interests and choice, each seeking to understand the intersection of modern social issues with collective action. V Form Lion Term develops a foundation of lifetime leadership and service through engaging in meaningful exploration of and contributions to local organizations and communities. Exhibition of Learning: each V Form Lion Term group’s presentation model is dependent on their project and focus, including presenting on and to experts and partners in the field. (Required for all V Form Students)

VI Form Lion Term: Lives of Consequence
As a culminating Experiential learning program, VI Form Lion Term is an immersive opportunity for each student, with faculty mentorship, to enact their intellectual, academic, and individual narratives as a capstone of their St. Mark's experience. During the Winter Core, all VI Formers will research a topic of choice; creating a meaningful and rewarding proposal for Lion Term which will include a hands-on extension of their research. Together the VI Form Winter Saturday and Lion Term provide a framework for students to chart their own course, capitalizing on their time at St. Mark’s while also possibly previewing future endeavors. Exhibition of Learning: each VI Form student presents their experience individually, showcasing their Core work and their unique Lion Term experience. (Required for all VI Form Students)