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Academic Support

At St. Mark’s, we work to demystify the learning experience and provide resources to help students achieve their personal academic best.

We encourage students to reflect on their own learning process and to consider the ‘how’ of learning, not just the ‘what.’
A student receives help from a faculty member.

Extra Help

Faculty members are readily available to provide extra help. Students often connect with teachers outside the classroom to ask questions, and dig deeper into material, both during the academic day and in evening hours.

Peer Tutors assist students in the Library.

Peer Tutoring

Students from every grade level are Mentors, and are excited to share their academic superpowers with their peers as well as to bring out the superpowers of others. Mentors are available during the academic day, in residential houses, and during evening hours in the library to provide this support.

Mrs. Eslick assists students in the Burgess Center.


The St. Mark’s Director of Academic Support is available for private consultation with students, faculty, and parents with concerns about learning patterns and academic progress. The director is also the point person for students with documented learning challenges.


For more information about the academic resources at St. Mark's, please contact Sarah Eslick, director of Academic Support.

Peers assist each other on a project in the Parkman Room.
Students gather to read a paragraph for a group project.