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Students working together in the STEM center
Students working together in the STEM center
Students conversing in english class
St. Mark’s encourages students to connect with teachers outside the classroom to ask questions, pursue a line of inquiry, and dig deeper into material

The School provides quiet study hours each evening during which students are expected to complete homework assignments and other academic tasks. A separate study hall directly supervised by a faculty member is also available for those students who prefer additional structure.

The Academic Support branch of the Center also offers two Academic Labs– a Writing Lab and a Math Lab– staffed by faculty members and peer tutors. Students may visit the Labs during the academic day and some evenings to request assistance with assignments. Workshops on such topics as exam preparation, time management, and memorization strategies are available throughout the year.

The St. Mark’s Learning Specialist is available for consultation with students, faculty, and parents with concerns about learning patterns and academic progress. Additional information can be found here.

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