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Faculty Development

Supporting faculty professional learning and growth is a core mission of the Center. Creating flexible and individualized systems of professional learning not only helps to attract and retain the best teachers and create a vibrant learning environment for our faculty, it also promotes effective instruction, impactful learning, and student achievement.

  • Here are some of the ways the Center supports faculty professional learning:
  • Individualized goal-setting and coaching
  • Collaborative partnerships on specific topics and initiatives between faculty and/or with the Center Director
  • Faculty-created and faculty-led professional learning groups
  • Resource curation and acquisition
  • Connect faculty to professional learning events and opportunities
  • Partner with teachers on projects and curricular initiatives
  • Synthesize and disseminate relevant research
  • Classroom visits and observations
  • Host and facilitate professional learning events
  • Curriculum development, review, and revision
  • Sponsor and coordinate reading groups
  • Action research
  • Direct Patterson Innovation Grant program to bring innovative approaches to teaching, learning, and the broader experience of school.

Would you like to learn more or partner with the Center? Please contact Dr. Colleen Worrell, Director of the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning.



We have experts here, and we want to harness that expertise to build teacher agency by creating a culture of collaborative professionals exercising collaborative leadership. Adults are always modeling leadership, and not just in the classroom. By supporting faculty—getting to know them and matching them with the best opportunities—we keep the St. Mark's experience relevant to our students and we advance the work and the mission of the School together."
— Dr. Colleen Worrell, Director of the Center
for Innovation in Teaching and Learning

 The Center is at the heart, physically and academically, of all we do at St. Mark's, helping our students and faculty to grow and stretch to new heights in their subject areas, on their career paths, and in their skill development.
Katharine Millet, Department Head, History & Social Sciences



The Center nourishes the growth of St. Mark's faculty and students by meeting and engaging us all where we are all as learners-offering guidance and support that empower us to make our educational experiences as transformative as possible.”
— Dr. Heather Harwood, Classics Department




    Director of the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning

    Colleen Worrell

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