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Student Enrichment

The Student Enrichment component of the Center promotes opportunities for all students to pursue their interests and passions beyond the classroom. Our goal is to challenge St. Mark’s students to better understand themselves, their communities, and the world by exploring their interests in an experiential way. We are currently focused on generating and developing internships, providing grant and fellowship funds to support advanced research projects and travel, sponsoring specialized programs to increase student awareness of job skills and career paths, and creating a comprehensive database of all enrichment opportunities linked to our website.

The Student Enrichment office engages the entire St. Mark’s community in our annual Career Day program which launched in 2013. The objective of this event is to provide our students with a dynamic experience that connects their academic pursuits with potential future endeavors. Career Day activities also facilitate a more meaningful and personal connection between our students and St. Mark’s alumni and parents.

The Student Enrichment office also works in conjunction with the St. Mark’s Global Citizenship initiative to promote summer programs offered in the United States as well as abroad.