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St. Mark’s School Admission Office
Phone: (508) 786-6118
Fax: (508) 786-6120

How to Apply to St. Mark's

We are pleased that you have decided to become a candidate for admission to St. Mark’s School.
All steps necessary to complete the application process are outlined below. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

1. Schedule a Visit to St. Mark's

An interview is REQUIRED as part of the application process, so please schedule a visit to St. Mark’s. Contact the Admission Office 508-786-6118 or as our appointment calendar fills quickly. International students, please refer to our International Applicants page before contacting us to schedule a visit.

2. Required Testing

  • The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is required for all applicants. For more information on registration and test dates, call SSATB in Princeton, NJ at 609-683-4440 or via the web at
    To ensure St. Mark’s receives your official score report, our SSAT school code is: 6730.
  • The International English Language Testing System (IELTS)* may be submitted in lieu of the TOEFL if you have an overall band score of 7.5 or higher. For more information, call IELTS at 323-255-2771 or via the web at
    To ensure St. Mark's receives your score report, please remember to ask your test center to submit your scores electronically to our institution. An institutional code is not required. No paper test forms will be accepted.

*St. Mark's does not accept the iTEP SLATE, SLEP, or TOEFL Jr. tests.

3. Complete Application

The completed application and the application fee must be postmarked or submitted online by January 31 for the first round of admission decisions. Please do not submit multiple application types as this will slow the processing of your application.

You can:

*Please review the online checklist information at the bottom of this page.

Please note, whether you choose to apply through GTP or SAO, all applicants are required to complete St. Mark's application supplement and fulfill all of the recommendation requirements listed in sections 4 and 5 below.

Optional Supplement: EMA's Character Skills Snapshot (CSS)

St. Mark's is more than just a place where your child will learn math, English, and science. Certainly the reason you're seeking to enroll your child here is because you're interested in an education that focuses on instilling character values and encouraging personal growth. Similarly, we know that your child is much more than grades and test scores. That's why we're asking your child to take The Character Skills Snapshot as part of their application. It will give us richer holistic information about your child, and show us areas where our community can help them grow, thrive, and shine. Visit the Enrollment Management Association (EMA) to learn more.

4. Recommendation Forms

St. Mark's requires three current teacher recommendations: English, Math, and Foreign Language. Ask your current teachers to complete the forms after November 1 and submit them to our office by January 31. If you are not enrolled in a foreign language course, or if English is your foreign language, please submit the science recommendation instead. The Special Interest Recommendation form is optional. St. Mark’s accepts the Common Recommendation form.

Please note that both GTP and SAO applicants are still required to submit all three recommendation forms.

If you are an SAO applicant who used the "Any Teacher" recommendation for another subject; please ask your current foreign language or science teacher to complete a third recommendation for St. Mark's using the PDFs below.

Foreign Language Recommendation Form
Science Recommendation Form
Optional Special Interest Recommendation Form

5. School Report Form (Principal or Counselor Recommendation) and Home Schooling Supplement

Ask a school official to submit the completed School Report form and a complete transcript from the previous and current year. In addition, ask your school to submit updated grades through February when they become available. If you are applying through St. Mark's online application portal, please send your principal or guidance counselor an email invitation through the portal to complete the online recommendation.

School Report Form

Home schooled students are required to submit the Home Schooling Supplement. You may download a printable copy or contact the admission office to have one mailed.

Home Schooling Supplement

Portfolio Submission (Optional)

If you have a well developed talent in the creative or performing arts, you may submit samples of your work for review by St. Mark's art, theater and music faculty. You may also submit athletic videos for our coaches to view. St. Mark's accepts athletic videos and art submissions via Slideroom. Please review the detailed submission instructions on the Slideroom website. If you elect not to submit materials via Slideroom, you may include with your application a printed art portfolio or athletic resume that lists your training and experience, repertoire or roles performed and honors received. For network security purposes, we cannot accept submissions via USB drives, CD, DVD, or email.

St. Mark's Online Portal and Checklist Information

As our office begins to process applications, we will send each family an email with an invitation link to their St. Mark's online checklist account. Please note that while we process submitted items as soon as possible once they are received, we typically do not begin sending out the checklist invitation until late October or early November.
Important to know for checklist account creation:
  • If you are a GTP, SAO, or Community Based Organization applicant, please wait until you receive our email invitation link to create your checklist account. Please do not create a St. Mark's account on your own as this will slow down the processing of your application.
  • The invitation email will have the subject: St. Mark's School: Confirm your email
  • Invitations will be sent to parent emails.
  • Remember to check spam folders and add to your safe senders list.
Important to know for checklist tracking:
  • Please remember that our application is made up of multiple GTP and SAO components (Candidate Profile/Bio, Parent Statement, Student Statement, SM Supplement), if we are missing one of those four components, your "application" checkbox will not be marked complete in your St. Mark's online checklist.
  • St. Mark's requires two years of transcripts plus your current grade report. If your school only uploaded one of these three items, this requirement may be marked as complete on GTP or SAO, but it will NOT be marked complete on St. Mark's checklist until we have received all three from your school.
  • If you see that a recommendation or item is marked incomplete, and you believe it has been submitted, please contact our office. Please remember however that our checklist is not "real-time" and allow 48 business hours for processing.

Letters of decision will be posted to the St. Mark's Online Portal** on March 10, and your reply is expected by April 10. Students who are accepted will be invited to Re-Visit campus during select dates in early April.

**Applicants, if your parent(s)/guardian(s) have not received their account activation email invitation to the St. Mark's Online Portal by March 1, please email immediately.