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A Lifetime of Learning is the Path to a Lifetime of Success

St. Mark’s offers a holistic approach to education, encouraging students to develop essential intellectual, character, and leadership skills that will help them succeed in whatever field they choose. Our challenging curriculum fosters independent thinking and builds intellectual confidence. Students learn how to become effective leaders and global contributors with a strong foundation of integrity and honesty. In class, on the field, in residential houses, and in the community, every experience at St. Mark’s is a moment of learning and growth.
Ms. Berndt and a student in her class

Hear from our Faculty

At St. Mark’s, the student ratio is 6:1 with 12 being the average class size.

Rev. Talcott, History

Ms. McCann, English

Mr. Levandowski, Athletics

Mr. Mertsch, Modern Languages

Ms. Pavletic, Health Services

Ms. Barila, Counseling

Ms. Putnam, Arts

Ms. Zhu, Diversity & Equity

Dr. Barnes, History

Mr. Bauer, Science

Hear from our Students

"Why St. Mark's?" watch the video below to hear from our students. Follow us on our @smlions instagram account to see more!

Why St. Mark's?

See St. Mark’s in Action

Mr. Camp's English Class

Ms. Matthews' Literature on Trial Class

Saturday Classes

St. Mark's Jazz Band


Take a moment to dive into our Remote Learning Zoom classes:


Ms. Caron's English Zoom Class

Mr. Calagione's Economics Zoom Class

Ms. Cook's Latin Zoom Class

Ms. McBride's Precalculus Zoom Class

Ms. Brown's Math Zoom Class

Mr. Loomer's Astromomy Zoom Class

Ms. Finnerty's Psychology Zoom Class

A Day in the Life of a St. Marker

One Day at St. Mark's

October 8, 2019, was in some ways a pretty typical Tuesday at St. Mark's. But as the video and photographs show, even an "ordinary" day here is pretty special. Take a look for yourself.

To view more videos from our community, visit our Videos from our Community page. Interested in taking a photo tour of St. Mark’s? Visit us on SmugMug at this link.