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Alumni posing for a photo at Reunion on campus.

Once a Lion, always a Lion.

Your time as a member of the St. Mark’s Pride doesn’t end when you graduate. Once you become a Lion, you’re a Lion for life.

Each year, approximately 90 VI Form students become St. Mark’s alumni, joining a global network of graduates working in diverse industries around the world.

Your St. Mark’s education, and the fundamental relationships formed in this intentionally small community, taught you to think big and prepared you to serve others. Age Quod Agis. Whatever you do, do it well.

As you navigate the next chapter, the Advancement Office is here to support you, our incredible alumni community. Through networking opportunities, engaging events, reunions, and more, we strive to foster a meaningful, continued connection to St. Mark’s.

Now matter where you go when you leave the cloisters, you will always be a Lion and a member of the Pride.

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