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On Friday, October 29, 2021, St. Mark’s honored twelve alumni in recognition for their dedication to leading lives of leadership and service while demonstrating St. Mark’s motto, Age Quod Agis, to do and be their best, during their entire personal and professional career. The alumni recognition program was recently expanded and updated to recognize a broader group of St. Marker’s and include the Lives of Consequence Award and the Ethan Anthony Loney ’69 Distinguished Alumni Service Award.

The Alumni Awards program was created to celebrate the achievements and contributions to society that have been made by many of our graduates. We also hope that it serves as an inspiration for future St. Markers to continue the "giving back" that they started while students at St. Mark's.

The Alumni Awards ceremony takes place every two years. Recipients are selected the summer prior to each ceremony.

Tarah Breed '00
Alumni Executive Committee

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2019 Alumni Awards News



Previous Award Recipients

Christina Lynch Bobrow '90
Benjamin C. Bradlee '39
Nicholas F. Brady '48
Walter K. Clair '73
Marjorie Slutz Davis SS'75
William B. Ewald III '72
Malcolm Farmer '57
Stephen Galatti '05
Chrysanthe L. Gussis '87
The Hon. C. Boyden Gray '60
Charles S. Haight '48
Mason Hammond '21
Alice Y. Hung '86
John Jay Iselin '52
Thomas H. Kean '53
Julie B. Kennedy '89
William A. Knowlton '38
Ethan A. Loney '69
Robert T.S. Lowell '35
Katharine K. Merriman '87
Michael B. Moore '80
Story Musgrave '53
John H. Noseworthy '69
George Putnam '45
Peter C. Saccio '58
John Sculley '57
Edward A. Taft '69
George A. Weymouth '54