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Being a Class Agent is meant to be, first and foremost, FUN, not burdensome or laborious. There's no meeting schedule, and most communications will be by email or social media.

You can be a Class Agent for a few years or a lifetime. This year, more than 200 alumni have volunteered their time and effort to partner with the School. Class agents come from over 75 graduating classes spanning 1937-2019.

The Class Agent serves as a liaison between their classmates and the St. Mark’s Advancement Office, keeping classmates connected to each other and the School and building financial support for St. Mark’s. Volunteer involvement is a great way to stay connected!

As a Class Agent, you will:

Connect - Keep class spirit alive through calls, emails, social media, thank you notes, and class notes; send an annual letter or email to classmates; actively seek to find lost alumni and capture email addresses for all classmates.

Give - Set an example by giving annually at the beginning of the fiscal year at a level that makes you feel like a leader.

Ask - Encourage others to join you in supporting St. Mark’s financially.


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