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Community & Equity

St. Mark’s seeks to cultivate a community that is safe, inclusive, and inspirational for each member of our community.

To lead lives of consequence, it is critical for our students to build a robust understanding of the various cultures and communities represented in our student body—and the world. It is also vital that every student have the opportunity and the encouragement they need to express themselves, engage in dialogue, and feel comfortable with their authentic selves.

The Office of Community & Equity creates the conditions for this kind of self-discovery and growth through programs and initiatives that help every student better appreciate their many identities, as well as the identities of their peers and classmates. We strive to ensure respect for all regardless of sex, gender, gender identity, race, religion, sexual orientation, ability, family structure, or economic background.

As we begin to investigate who we are as global citizens and as members of the St. Mark’s community, there will inevitably be moments of misunderstanding and discomfort. This is as it should be: By venturing outside our comfort zones within supportive, safe spaces, we can discuss challenging topics openly and honestly, and work to create a healthier community for all our students. We look forward to building a more equal, more inclusive, more vibrant St. Mark’s together.

Meet the Team

Rick DaSilva

Titles: Director of Community & Equity Affairs
Phone Numbers:
School: 508.786.6041

Mary Ann Ciampa

Titles: Operations Manager for Global Citizenship, Assistant to the Director of Community & Equity Affairs
Phone Numbers:
School: 508.786.6047

Lizzy Jones

Titles: Assistant Director of Admission, Associate Director of Community and Equity Affairs
Phone Numbers:
School: 508.786.6130

2020-2021 Community & Equity Update 

Please take a moment to review our 2020-2021 Community & Equity Update. This document provides information and descriptions of the action steps we took in 2020-2021 toward our goal of being a truly antiracist school.

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Community and Equity Impact Report

St. Mark’s School seeks to cultivate a safe and generative environment for each community member. Understanding the various cultures represented in our student body is an essential part of a St. Mark’s education, and we intend to provide students with a superior education in a community of students, parents, faculty, and staff that represents a variety of racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds.

Read the Community and Equity Impact Report to see how Community and Equity Affairs, and the programs it offers through the school year, helps St. Mark’s carryout this mission.

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