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The Pathways orientation program introduces all new students to the Global Citizenship arm of the SM strategic plan. Students are given the opportunity to think about the many different cultural identifiers and focus in on the one(s) that are most salient for them. They are encouraged to take a deeper dive into the understanding of self while getting to know St. Mark’s and each other. Included in this orientation - which is a partnership between Global Studies, Counseling Services, Residential Life and Community and Equity - are pointed conversations in affinity groupings about building community, academic success strategies, self-advocacy/resources available, being away from home, and entering a culture different from one's own for the first time. Each of these conversations is tailored for the appropriate cultural group who need unique support and ensure that all students have the opportunity to connect with those who identify in the same way they do. While finding connections with those who have similar cultural ties, students also reach across cultural lines to learn about the different cultures represented in the new student body. In this way orientation allows students to look first at self, and then outside of self, all while getting to know St. Mark’s culture and traditions.


Pathways Pizza

Monthly Pathways Pizza evenings can be sponsored by any affinity group who would like to have an open discussion with the entire SM community. The format generally consists of two groups agreeing to host an open conversation of common interest (i.e., the women’s group and the group for students of color unpacking intersectionality) which is then open and available to the entire community. This allows groups to bring an issue to the forefront concerning their specific affinity.