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Since its founding, St. Mark’s has embraced athletics, the importance of team culture, and the many benefits of our students being healthy and fit. As we plan for a hybrid return this fall, we aim to replicate, to the extent possible, our students’ athletic experience—an experience that breathes spirit and enjoyment into School life, and reflects our mission to educate the whole child.

While questions remain about the status of game competition in the Independent School League (ISL) and the New England Prep School Athletic Council (NEPSAC), our athletic program at St. Mark’s remains dedicated to offering a meaningful experience while actively monitoring and prioritizing safety within school, state and local health directives. These directives are actively being developed and evolving, and we are continuing to monitor and adjust to the most current information. Our students’ experience would include team-based training, skill development, and fitness options for all students. Additional details of our current plan include:

  • Students will gather four times per week for their athletic practice or fitness option. Varsity training may be offered more often if and when the schedule allows.
  • If our School’s academic schedule requires a student to work remotely off-campus on a particular day, s/he may have the option to attend athletics.
  • To better manage our students’ return to campus, we will not be hosting preseason practices for the week of September 7. Fall athletics and fitness options will begin on Monday, September 14.
  • For field hockey, and boys’ and girls’ soccer, students may self-select as to what level they feel most comfortable to participate in: varsity, JV, or thirds. Students who select football, boys’ cross country, or girls’ cross country, will train together (varsity and JV) for that particular program.
    - If your son or daughter, regardless of Form, aspires to practice at the varsity level for boys soccer, girls soccer or field hockey, and has the motivation and skill to train at that level, s/he is invited to sign up and join the varsity program.
    - In order to strike a good balance between player development, wellness, and fun, sub-varsity teams will engage in a range of activities, including, but not limited to, the sport that your son or daughter selects.
  • All students, returning and new, will receive an updated fall athletic sign-up form on Friday, July 17. We ask that students sign up as soon as possible so we have a better idea of how to apply our resources to ensure the best experience possible. If you have any questions about this form, please email John Levandowski, director of athletics, at



John Levandowski

Titles: Director of Athletics
Departments: Athletics, Senior Administrative Team
Phone Numbers:
School: 508.786.6151

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