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The Academics program at St. Mark’s seeks to develop students’ abilities in key areas. Students attending St. Mark’s are challenged:

  • To learn deeply and think critically.
  • To be resilient and resourceful.
  • To be creative problem-solvers with an understanding of the importance of inquiry.
  • To develop intellectual self-confidence and curiosity.
  • To communicate and listen effectively.
  • To operate with integrity and honesty.
  • To develop necessary skills to live in a diverse community and global world.
  • To develop healthy habits of mind, body, and spirit.

Additionally, at St. Mark’s, we work to demystify the learning experience and provide resources to help students achieve their personal academic best. We encourage students to reflect on their own learning process and to consider the ‘how’ of learning, not just the ‘what.’


Hear from Dean of Academics Nat Waters

Week 6: Director of Academic Support Sarah Eslick